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The Power of Silence After a Breakup: 6 Tips for Cutting off Contact

Whether you were blindsided, saw it coming, or were the one to end it, there’s one bit of truth about breakups — they are excruciating. Throw in a society reliant on technology and social media, and it’s almost impossible to move on and heal. By coming to terms with the situation, you can start to heal and attract a partner who finally understands your love language.

This is why there’s really only one effective solution to a breakup: the power of silence. Think about what typically happens after breaking up with someone. You might post about it on Facebook, drink too much and send an emotional text, or investigate your ex’s Instagram followers to see if there’s anyone new to worry about. It’s exhausting! 

Instead of torturing yourself after a breakup, the most important thing you can do is be silent — and we’re talking radio silence! It’s the only way to help yourself in the long run.

Why The Power of Silence is So Important

When you take a step back after a breakup, you’re able to really reflect on what happened and what went wrong. Instead of continuing to talk with your ex — which is bound to cause even more heartache — you’re giving yourself time to get your head right. This way, if you decide to reopen communication, you’ll have a level head and a better grasp of the situation.

Staying silent can also help you feel empowered. You’re taking charge and showing your ex that you’re capable of and willing to live life without them. It sends a clear message that you won’t allow the breakup to take hold of your life, giving you a chance to find perspective and heal.

Bottom line? Staying silent after a breakup, as hard as it can be, is the only way to let yourself reflect and recover from heartache. 

Tips for Using the Power of Silence

If you’re going through a breakup and desperately want to embrace the power of silence, we have some tips to help get you through it:

Erase Them From Your Phone

It’s so tempting to text or call an ex after a breakup, so the best thing to do is delete them from your phone. Sure, you might have their number memorized, but it makes it that much harder to contact them! (Especially when you’re drinking.) 

Block Them on Social Media

Easier said than done, but part of going full no-contact means swiping them from your social media. Don’t just unfriend them — block them. The worst thing you can do after a breakup is stalk their posts, friends, or activity online. 

Write Down Your Feelings (Instead of Texting Them)

You’re bound to have a ton of mixed emotions after a breakup, but sending them all to your ex only causes more problems. Try putting pen to paper instead of further complicating things with them.

Avoid Places They Hang Out

It’s a play right out of the heartbreak handbook — “accidentally” running into your ex in public. We all know it wasn’t an accident (and your ex does too). 

Resist the Urge to Reach Out to Their Friends

Let’s be honest — the real reason you reach out to your ex’s friends is so that they will find out you did! Your ex’s friends are not going to give you any information, and if anything, they might take your contact as an act of desperation.

Be Honest with Yourself

Use the power of silence to really focus inward and realize the truth of the situation. If you were the one who was hurt, do you really want to beg for someone who doesn’t want you in their life? If you were the person who broke it off, isn’t it only fair to allow them time to move on?

By coming to terms with the situation, you can start to heal. A one-sided love affair rarely works out, and you don’t want to force someone to be with you after they end the relationship. By harnessing the power of silence, you’re creating the distance needed to clear your mind, focus on yourself, and come to the realization that you are worthy of so much better.