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Should You Build a Fence? Here’s Why It’s a Great Choice For Your Home

You’ve gone all this time without a fence in your yard, but have you considered the real benefits of building one?

Fences serve more than just one purpose. Not only do they offer aesthetic value, but they also add to the overall value of a home.

Fences first appeared in the historical record in 14th-century Europe. Fences themselves are simply defined as a structure, barrier, or enclosure. Still, they can be constructed in a myriad of ways.

The original purpose of fences was strictly agricultural. Early farmers would build a fence to separate plots of land. Over time, fences started taking on more aesthetic, cultural, and financial value.

Learn more about the purpose and benefits of building a fence on your own property!

Security and Privacy

Safety and security are frequently associated with fences. It’s true. Fences can provide a particular level of protection without building a looming wall.

Fences keep neighborhood children and dogs out of your backyard. Of course, cats are fantastic jumpers and frequently hop over fences. However, some styles are better apt at keeping those feline friends away from your yard.

Fences provide additional protection against intruders and squatters. For added security, build a vinyl or wood fence with little room between the panels. Intruders can easily break short, brittle fences in a snap.

If you’re not residing at your property, fences from perimeter security companies are essential for security. Vacant homes are vulnerable to squatters and burglars. Sturdy fences and security systems work together to provide peace of mind for landlords and vacation homeowners.

Parents of young children should also consider the security benefits of fences, as well. Fences keep small children from venturing into unknown backyards and potentially problematic situations. Fences symbolize lines that you do not cross.

Fences delineate between properties too. They prevent neighbors from building or gardening on your property.

Fences Add Style

Fences are essential for security, but they’re also needed for home design and landscaping. Fences add a touch of style and personality to properties.

When people think of fences, they immediately think of the traditional “white picket fence.” There’s so much more beyond the classics.

Research the following fence styles for your new home:

  • Private fences
  • Rustic Split-Rail fences
  • The classic white picket fence
  • Aluminum metal fences
  • Unique contemporary fences
  • Lattice panel fences
  • Estate post-and-rail fences
  • Fences made from rocks and stone
  • Chain link fences
  • Semi-private wooden fences

These fence designs are just the tip of the iceberg. Savvy homeowners are also building fences out of cinderblocks, bamboo, fiberglass, found objects, driftwood, and reclaimed wood. You could even plant a row of trees closely together as a fencing alternative!

Let your imagination go wild. Paint a mural on your fence or add a cool motif. This is an excellent project for the kiddos.

You could even nail outdoor wall art to your fence or hang garden decor. To illuminate your backyard, add light sconces to your new fences, or add a string of twinkling lights.

Benefits for Property Value

Added protection and aesthetic qualities increase the overall property value of a home. Several elements go into defining property values, and a new fence can be quite beneficial when you’re trying to sell your home for the best price.

For starters, fences add curb appeal to your home. Curb appeal is anything that people can see from the outside of your home.

The following elements fall under curb appeal:

  • Landscape design
  • The look and health of your lawn
  • Porch design and quality
  • Front lawn gardens
  • Quality of your sidewalk
  • Driveways
  • Front yard cleanliness
  • Safety measures
  • Trash receptacles
  • Mailboxes
  • Your home’s exterior facade

One of the most vital aspects of curb appeal is your fences. Not only can potential homebuyers see your fences from the outside, but they’re also a critical part of home security.

Safety and security are crucial for potential homeowners, especially homeowners who desire added privacy.

Security and curb appeal can add a few more points to your overall property value. Fencing also plays a significant role in the style of your home, which also adds to property value.

It worth considering a new fence if you want to bump up the price of your home. This can be particularly beneficial in a hot seller’s market.

Dog Owners Need Fences

Do you currently own a dog? Are you considering adopting one in the future? If so, fences are essential for your home.

Fences enclose your backyard and keep your dog from getting out into the neighborhood. Fences decrease the risk of your dog running away permanently or getting hit by a car. Fences also prevent dogs from getting into fights with other dogs in the neighborhood.

If you have a dog with an aggression problem, a new fence will prevent them from getting out and biting a neighbor or hurting a cat. Dog bites can lead to lawsuits, or worse, city-ordered euthanasia.

It’s not worth the risk. Build a fence right away if you haven’t already!

How to Build a Fence

Once you’ve decided on a fence, your next challenge is to build one. There are a few ways to go about this. You could go the DIY route, or you could hire an experienced fence installation company.

If you’re handy with construction, you could probably tackle fencing on your own.

Building a fence isn’t as tricky as some home construction projects. All the materials you need are available at your local hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowes.

You can also find building plans online for different fence styles. YouTube is another good source for fence construction tips.

If you can’t build a fence yourself, hire a local fencing company to make it for you. Talk to friends, family, and neighbors to get a referral first. If that network turns up dry, go online, and read reviews from fellow homeowners.

Consider the Benefits of Fences

Get off the fence! There are more benefits to fencing than you realize. Increase your home value, security, and peace of mind.

Follow these tips to build a fence that’s right for your property, and check back often to discover more ideas for creating the ultimate dream home.