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How to Decorate Kids’ Birthday Parties with Balloons Decor?

Before decorating your kid’s celebration with balloons, find an original version that will definitely surprise and delight your child!

Scatter the balloons all over the room or create a unique congratulation using balloon letters like these, tie ropes with wishes to helium balloons, order 3D-shaped sculptures or make a DIY balloon arch, fill balloons with confetti or place LED lights, stuff them with sweets or little surprises, and don’t forget about the festive table decor!

Now we are going to share with you some unique kids’ party balloon decoration ideas!

Balloon letters

The child’s name is of great importance and, on his birthday, it should be present in the decor, as well as a bright congratulation, hanging in the most prominent place. The most striking way to do that is to use quality letter balloons.

You can buy both single-color and multi-colored balloon letters; opt for the shades that suit the color scheme of the party and the interior.

Balloon wall

The balloon wall is a simple décor but yet, looks very nice!

To make such a decoration, decorate the wall, think over the design of the image first: it can be a flower meadow, a congratulatory inscription, a fragment from your child’s favorite fairy tale. Then, start making the design elements (flowers, sun, clouds, fairy-tale characters) and attach them to the wall one by one with adhesive tape

Ready-made inflatable balloon figures

If you are going to arrange the celebration in cartoon style, consider purchasing big and funny inflatable figures. Today, the choice is really huge:

  • Disney beauties;
  • Spiderman and Batman;
  • ponies and unicorns;
  • Shrek;
  • ladybirds;
  • mermaids;
  • Tom & Jerry;
  • Mowgli;
  • Monster High and many other characters.

Both boys and girls will be happy to see their favorites right in their room!

Rainbow chaos

There’s nothing more fun and fascinating than a room full of balloons!

By ordering a multitude of multi-colored balloons of all shades of the rainbow and different sizes, and then chaotically placing them in your kid’s room, you can turn it into a very unusual place. The red, yellow, blue, green balloons will help you create the right vibes!

And if you’ll manage to create your décor overnight, you will surprise your kid in the morning and make the celebration unforgettable!

A balloon arch

An arch made of inflatables is the most popular choice for decorating large premises, as well as entrances. No matter what celebration style is, the arch immediately adds solemnity and greatness to any party.

There are two types of arches:

  • arch without a frame is the simplest choice: its main element is a balloon garland. Tie the balloons together, attach them to the fishing line in a planned order, and attach the arch to a wall or doorway using command hooks or nails, creating interesting shapes;
  • a more complex, stable, and durable option is an arch with a frame, which is usually used for decorating open areas. Choose the colors of the balloons according to your party theme (for example, the tricolor), inflate them with a pump, create bundles of 4 balloons and secure them to a rigid frame.

Festive table decor

Choose the brightest and most beautiful helium balloons and then do the following:

  • place boxes with surprises for guests near their plates;
  • tie a balloon to each box;
  • decorate balloon necks with ribbons or serpentine.

Such a simple decoration always looks wonderful!

Balloons on stands will also look good on the table. Such decor will make inflatables more visible and won’t take up much space.

Inflatables covered with tulle or chiffon also look very elegant, as well as compositions of balloons, complemented by small decorative elements, such as bows, flowers, or butterflies!