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How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Bedroom

Everyone has their own unique taste and standards when it comes to buying things. Besides, it is not any different in buying a mattress for your bedroom. Everyone wants to have a better sleep with the best mattress available in the market. However, choosing the right mattress for your bedroom will never be that easy.

But don’t lose sleep while panicking over a mattress. Because in here, we will give you some tips on how to choose the right mattress for your bedroom.

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Do you really need to buy a new one?

This question is significant to answer in order to assess first if it’s really necessary for you to buy a new mattress for your bedroom. Some of the things to look at to accurately answer this question are:

1.The lifespan of your current mattress

The lifespan of your current mattress
Check the lifespan of the mattress you are currently using right now to see if it’s finally the right time to say hi to a new one.

Type Average Lifespan in Years
Pillowtop 7
Innerspring 8
Hybrid 10
Memory Foam 10
Latex 12

2.The Comfort it brings

If you are experiencing back pains while using your current mattress, consider replacing it right away. An inappropriate mattress can result in low back pain that can last up to 15 to 30 minutes every time you wake up in the morning.

Choosing The Right Mattress

Choosing The Right Mattress
If you are reading this, we can assume that you have finally decided to buy a new mattress. Now, the question is, how to choose the right mattress for your bedroom?

Consider the types of mattress

Consider the types of mattress
By considering the types of mattress, you can decide better on what mattress is suitable for your bedroom.

  •  Pillowtop – The most distinct feature of this type is its cover. There is a layer of soft material in the cover of pillowtop mattresses and it is either stuffed or sewn. This feature makes pillowtop extra comfortable over the others. For individuals who prefer a cloud-like mattress, pillowtop is the best one for you.
  •  Memory Foam – Previous memory foams have a bad reputation because of the hot feeling it gives. But today, memory foams are now improved and redesigned to be cooler than ever. This type is best for individuals who love to feel a hugging bed, shaping and contouring the body, with pressure relief, and great support.
  •  Innerspring – a.k.a. coils are one of the most widely used types of mattress. Layers of spring coils (generally steel) provide support inside this type of mattress to bring comfort to the one who will sleep on it. The larger the number of coils, the better the support and comfort it provides. Innerspring is best for individuals who love a cool bouncing bed that brings strong support on their backs.
  •  Hybrid – It is made from a different combination of materials to maximize the comfort for the sleeper. Hybrid type is great in providing support and pressure relief. It also has a great bouncing and cooling effect. This type is best for individuals who want to have an all-around option. How about you?
  •  Latex – This type is best for those who prefer to sleep in foam but doesn’t want the hugging and contouring feel from memory foam mattresses.

Consider your budget

It is not always ideal to spend more on things that you can get by spending less. However, this doesn’t mean that you can compromise quality by going cheap. This also applies to buy the right mattress for your bedroom. Buy a high-quality mattress that should last up to 8 to 10 years. This way you wouldn’t compromise your health and sleep over a cheap and low-quality mattress.

Consider the firmness of the mattress

Consider the firmness of the mattress
The firmness of the mattress depends on how you personally define the hardness or softness of the mattress. Which is why it is best if you personally touch it yourself to decide better.


Choosing the right mattress for your bedroom will never bother your sleep anymore if these things are to be considered. Choose the right mattress for your bedroom for a better sleep and a better life ahead.

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