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Farhaj Sarwar and His Business – All you need to know 

If there is one organization that has been actively involved in numerous businesses as well as philanthropy, it is the brainchild of Mr. Farhaj Sarwar.

Sarwar, the Managing Director of NRS Relief is also the Senior Vice Chairman of BSF. For those who do not know about BSF, it is the Bilqees Server Foundation and they have been serving humanity for several decades relentlessly.

It is a highly coveted and respected welfare organization registered in Pakistan. It is one of the most active and reputable public welfare entities that have ever come to exist in recent years. It focuses on public health, humanitarian support, education, support for the girl child, and the overall development and care for the local community and beyond.

The Sarwar family is known for a lot of endeavors and this is one of them that has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years for obvious reasons. BSF is a very popular charitable division of the long chain of enterprises and organizations run by Farhaj Sarwar. Names such as NRS International and Minha Foods do not need any introduction.

The world knows that NRS International is one of the leading businesses when it comes to manufacturing relief essentials for various public health development and humanitarian sectors and causes. Relief efforts such as NRS Relief, Tana Netting, and Moon Netting have been constantly involved in providing relief goods to people in need all over the world. They are functional not only in South Asia but in western countries as well including the Middle East and the Far East countries also.

In his own words, Farhaj says, “We are here for a purpose. We knew that we were getting into this sector to fulfill a responsibility and we took it very seriously. Our aim is to improve the well-being of all vulnerable populations across the world and not just in Pakistan. We have a pursuit and that is healthy and sustainable communities across continents. It is our dream, mission, and vision to see this world prosper and spread kindness all over.”

The #LoveCoats Project – An Effort To Keep The Syrian Tiger Girls Warm In The Winter

This news was all over international media and for all the right reasons. Farhaj was constantly working towards this cause and he finally found a way to help more than 1000 refugee girls in Jordan. The whole point was to transform their lives by enabling them to transform thermal blankets into wearable coats. NRS International in cooperation with a Dubai-based manufacturer and a highly reputable fashion designer from London was able to transform this vision into reality. The #lovecoats project was able to empower 1,250 adolescent girls by donating 1000 meters of thermal blanket material.

The fashion designer, Helen Storey associated with this cause is also a researcher at the Centre For Sustainable Fashion at the London College Of Fashion.

At a news event covering the entire story, she had said, “All the coats will be made by the Tiger Girls themselves. This project came out of an afternoon of conversation with the Tiger Girls last September. They were talking about their hopes and fears for the future and three themes emerged – a love for fashion and making, the wish to be able to gift to others, and a fear of the cold winter. The #LoveCoats project is inspired and co-created by the Tiger Girls. This will show them that we are listening to their wishes and the nature of their lives and in return, we are sharing how fashion can play its part in realizing some of their hopes and dreams.”

This is being seen as one of the many ways to empower girls who want education and our passionate about fashion designing.

Enabling A Country To Stand Up Back On Its Feet – The Relief Endeavour For Nepal Earthquake Victims

 NRS Relief was invited for a radio interview to Dubai Eye to discuss its Rapid response strategy to help out Nepal after a devastating earthquake shook the country in April. One of the very few companies that rose to the occasion and offered abundant help to Nepal was NRS Relief.

 Dubai Eye which is a part of the Arabian Radio Network is known for its extensive coverage of business, current affairs, news, sports, and entertainment. Sarwar while speaking to one of the radio representatives/jockeys discussed in detail the logistic challenges that they encountered when finally the process of distributing essentials and relief goods commenced. The biggest challenge was to reach people located in remote areas of the country.

 He was quoted as saying, “The geography of Nepal is very difficult and very complex. We had a tough time landing our aircrafts there, we had a tough time getting permits to land the plane, the airport was small and there were a lot of incoming flights on such a short runway. So there were several challenges but we still continued. We kept on strengthening the whole process to land planes faster and provide aid as quickly as we could.”

The company also worked actively to provide emergency shelters to Nepalese monasteries. NRS Relief joined hands with Bairo Ling Australia which is a non-governmental organization to help Nepalese monasteries and their affected families. They helped them build their damaged homes all over again.

 NRS International and its relief wing led by Farhaj Sarwar played a key role in the rehabilitation of the Amitabha Monastery located in the high mountains of the Kathmandu Valley. Because it was an important center of Tibetan Buddhism, it held a lot of cultural and heritage value. Home to close to 300 runs, this remote place became the focus of both these humanitarian entities.

 Farhaj Sarwar says

 “It is very difficult to do what we do but the reward is always satisfying. It is not only our country that faces several challenges when it comes to maintaining healthcare, education, sanitation, and the overall development of its human resources. There are several countries across the globe that need all the help we can offer. NRS International has been fortunate enough to get this opportunity. We want to use this as a podium to spread love, kindness, empathy, and positivity to everyone in need. So far we have impacted the lives of more than 200,000 community members in our country and the number is constantly on the rise. We wish to make the same difference across continents every day and every second that we live.”