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Dos And Don’ts After A Pest Control Treatment

One of the problems that homeowners face is pests. Pests are everywhere and can be a real menace in your house. Aside from the fact that they can creep you and your kids out every time they emerge, they also carry millions of bacteria that can cause diseases. That’s why it’s crucial for homeowners to always schedule pest control treatments every quarter of the year.  

You can always count on the services from your chosen Vancouver pest control company as they have the complete set of tools and products to fight off all types of pests. Most of their services include cockroach control, bed bug control, and termite control. 

However, aside from depending on the pest control services, it’s also best if you do your part in controlling pests around your home. Doing your part can mean following the rules on what to do and not to do after the professional pest control technicians have done their treatment. 

For your guide, here are some of the dos and don’ts after a pest control treatment that you and your family must always abide by:


Do Wait And Let It Sit

After the pest control technicians have sprayed chemicals around the house, you need to let the chemical sit for a few hours, depending on how long they’ll tell you to wait. The purpose of letting homeowners vacate and remain outside of their homes is to make sure the applied chemicals can have time to occupy and release their effectivity, which is to poison the pests. 

Additionally, it’s also essential that you wait outside so you can let your home air out for a few hours before you and your family can safely return inside.

Do Discard Food Leftovers

Before the pest control treatment, the pest control expert will remind you to prepare your home by packing away all your clothes, kid’s toys, toiletries, make-ups, and, most importantly, your food and drinks. This is to make sure that all your things and consumables won’t be contaminated by chemicals that can be very hazardous and deadly for human health. If you have any perishable food, they’ll also recommend you to finish it and make sure you have no leftovers. 

However, suppose you accidentally left any food and other consumables inside your house during the treatment. In that case, you’re recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible after you’re permitted to return inside. Even if the food was well-covered with plastic or containers, you simply shouldn’t take any risk of eating it again. Thus, it’s best to be cautious and quickly throw out any food that has been exposed to pesticides.

Do Repair Leaks And Cracks

Now that you’ve invested in having your home under pest control treatment, make sure you keep that investment worthwhile by repairing cracks and leaks around the house. These cracks and open leaks are the access points of most pests. 

To prevent pests from going back and cause re-infestation, take time to fix these holes and make sure there’s no other entry point for the pests to get in again.


Don’t Clean Immediately

It’s normal to feel the urge to deep clean your home after receiving the pest control treatment. As tempting as it can be, don’t try to clean your home immediately, even if a couple of days had passed since the treatment. 

Cleaning your home will only cause the chemicals to be removed prematurely, reducing their effectiveness to kill and get rid of your pests. So, don’t clean or wash anything yet and leave your deep house cleaning for a different day. It’s also best if you ask the pest control expert when’s the best time to clean your home again. After all, pest control Vancouver services are trained to do their treatments by not leaving behind any mess.

Don’t Touch Surfaces

Even if the pest control expert has given you the go-signal to go back to your home, it’s still recommended that you take extra precaution by not touching any surface with your bare hands, especially if they’ve been sprayed for the first time. 

If you need to touch these surfaces for any reason, protect yourself by wearing protective disposable gloves. The same goes if you’ll be unwrapping some of your covered items. 

Bottom Line

Don’t be surprised if you see more pests visible around the house a few days after the treatment. This happens because the pests were forced to come out after their usual spot has been sprayed with chemicals. Thus, aside from following the tips above, make sure you regularly check your house, especially the infested spots and keep them clean. 

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to coordinate with a pest control service again if you need more assistance in preparing your home against pest infestations.

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