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7 Reasons Pinup Fashion Is Actually Feminist

For those of you who are skeptical about the claim that pinup style is feminist and don’t see how dressing pinup is actually empowering for women, these seven reasons are sure to change your mind.

It is empowering to the women

Power, strength, and decisiveness – in the minds of many, these character traits were purely masculine, while women were seen as weak, subservient, and passive. A housewife in the 1950s wasn’t expected to do anything besides keeping the home clean, taking care of children, and agreeing with any decision that man of the house makes. Then, twenty years later, women stepped into the workforce and decided it’s their responsibility to take the power back and get the respect they deserve. They understood that they were as capable as any man out there. Pinup fashion just helped spread the message that said: Femininity=Power.

It celebrates femininity

As society pushed the women to adopt a more masculine attitude at the workplace, they found a way to express themselves through their fashion choices. Dressing as a pinup gives you the chance to claim and celebrate your femininity, showing it off through bold choices of clothing, shoes, and makeup. Pin up dresses that come in a variety of colors and patterns are an essential part of every pinup girl’s wardrobe. Embrace your curves with high-waisted bottoms and seamed stockings. Pair them up with some cute heels, put on your eyeliner, make your victory rolls, and you’re all set!

It is a style that is body-inclusive

The word “pinup” comes from the notion of models being pinned up to the wall of a majority of men in the army back in the day. When you look at those posters, most of those women were white and thin, and those were the defining features of many pinup models back in the day. However, a lot has changed in the last couple of decades, and women of all shapes and sizes are invited to rock the pinup style and join the fun. Weight and height are just numbers that mean nothing in the body-inclusive world of pinup fashion.

Its community is diverse

As previously mentioned, a majority of pinup models back in the day were white, while women of color have been excluded for a long time. Nowadays, more and more women of all races are embracing the pinup style, and problems with racial diversity are slowly fading away. We’re seeing models such as Angelique Noire popping up, pushing the boundaries and helping improve racial diversity of the modern-day pinup fashion community. Models with tattoos and piercings are welcomed into the pinup fashion community with open arms, both of which are considered inappropriate in the world of high-end fashion.

It doesn’t come with an age limit

To further add to the story of how diverse this community actually is, pinup is a style that doesn’t come with age restrictions. Anyone is welcome to try the trend themselves and adjust it to their individual preferences as well as their lifestyle. In fact, the older you are, the higher the chances you can still find some clothing from the pinup era lying around in the wardrobes. With so many vintage stores and shops online, you can easily find pinup items that match your idea of cool. Pinup fashion community embraces women of any age, inviting them to celebrate this alternative style.

Its community supports itself

Probably the most feminist thing about pinup fashion is that its community supports itself. Feminism should be uplifting, with its members helping each other and instead of competing, which is often the case in the fashion industry. Pinup fashion is not like that. Women in pinup community often help each other by supporting them on social media. Women all over the world who are enthusiastic about pinup style are eager to share their clothes, do giveaways on social media, and offer pinup beauty lessons. From applying eyeliner to curling up your hair, YouTube is filled with lessons created by women who’d like to help others get the pinup style right.

It lets you express your individual style

Last but not least, pinup fashion lets you express your individuality. The best thing about this style is that it allows for a wide range of different interpretations, and lets you mix and match different pieces worn by pinup models. Whether you like a certain pinup theme, have your hair dyed in purple or you’re rocking a tattoo sleeve, pinup pieces are sure to look great when paired with them.
Pinup fashion is not only exciting to wear, but it also makes a clear statement about the position of women in society. Women are powerful, and embracing your feminine side is the best way to go about women empowerment.

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