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5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Instagram Post and Optimize use of Instagram Hashtags

Have you ever been short of ideas to manage your Instagram account? This phenomenon of the “blank page” is completely normal, especially if you are looking to publish intensely and regularly as the weeks go by.

So, what should you do when you know you need to post, but no idea of ​​publishing comes to mind? To help you stimulate your creativity, we will offer you solid tips throughout this article to permanently fill your calendar of content dedicated to the social network. Let’s get into it!

Here are 5 Ways to Find Inspiration for your Instagram post

1) Post the highlights of your community

Among the followers of your Instagram account, it is possible that some of them have experienced or will experience a strong event related to your brand. It is, therefore particularly interesting, to think about the production of content that does not directly promote your products/services but which has a connection with them.

For instance, the jewelry brand can take interview a couple going to be married very soon, and therefore will necessarily need jewelry items at this event. The connection between the highlight of community members and the brand is real.

2) Post lifestyle content

The term “lifestyle content” is not specific to a specific genre or category. It can be a beautiful beach photo at sunset or something else!

It is essential to think about the content of this type for a good reason. It is in good agreement with your brand identity and the overall aesthetics of your current account, as well as the centers of interest/personality traits of your customers/prospects.

For example, the clothing brand can share a morning post with a good description. They can write captions as from “Morning dream” with an appealing morning photo.

3) Publish content created by your followers

Sharing content produced by Instagram users is a great way to fill your news feed with beautiful visuals while valuing these people. It is recommended to provide your followers with a hashtag to use in post captions if they wish to have the opportunity to be highlighted.

The watch brand can regularly publish photo content produced by its customers, that help them to grow their account and get more Instagram likes and shares from this link.

4) Post inspirational quotes

Instagram users often think that quotes are a good way to “fill in the blanks” in the editorial line, but keep in mind that quotes can also be used to generate sales and develop an affinity for the company.

For example, if the jewelry brand regularly offers quotes that are always linked to current events, such as Mother’s Day, they can grab the attention of the people who are not interested in jewelry.

5) Publish content supporting your culture and your values

People love their culture and history. A person and a brand is a real living entity, with its preferences and a real character. It may be interesting, then, to publish a post that is attached to history or culture.

5 ways to optimize your use of Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags can be a real lever to gain Instagram followers and boost engagement in your posts, but best practices are constantly evolving. A good strategy for using hashtags is not to reach more people but rather the right people for your brand. Throughout this article, we will introduce you to different methods to optimize your use of hashtags when writing your post, captions.

Stay relevant in the choice of hashtags

The maximum number of # allowed by Instagram is 30. Although this number seems high, it is sometimes interesting to add as many as possible to increase the chances of being discovered. However, this can appear as not being very aesthetic, a little spammy, and favors the risks of shadowban, that is to say, that some of your overused keywords could cause your posts not to be displayed in the search results. The other option is to add a limited number of hashtags, between 5 & 10 per post, which seems reasonable and accessible for everyone.
In any case, be sure to identify relevant hashtags using different methods that we present to you below.

Use hashtag generators

Some complementary and external tools to Instagram allow you to generate long lists of related hashtags than those offered on the application.
These are hashtag generators, some accessible via a website, or via a smartphone application. For example, the site allows you to create a list of keywords ready to be copied and pasted into your post captions.

Observe the volume of posts for each hashtag

Once you have determined which hashtags seem most relevant to you, it is important to take into account the number of posts using them on the application.
If a hashtag is too popular, your post will undoubtedly be buried in millions of other posts, and if this one is little used, you will not get engagement coming from this keyword.

A good target is that hashtags used 10,000 to 200,000 times can be interesting. This indicates that there is some activity around them without seeing your content drowned out. You could then choose some hashtags close to 10,000 uses and others close to 200,000 uses. This mixture of hashtags can allow you to increase your performance significantly.

Categorize your hashtags by brand, industry, target audience and location

When you produce the list of your Instagram hashtags, it can be interesting to divide them into different headings. For branded hashtags, this is to list, for example, the hashtag #yourmark or something more original like #withyourmark.

For hashtags related to your industry, consider the keywords most relevant to your products & services. For example, if you market sustainable fashion, you could use hashtags like #cotonbio, #durable, #moderesponsable, etc.

For hashtags related to your target audience, watch the hashtags that are important to them daily. In the field of interior architecture, it can be, for example, #architecturelovers, #addictdeco, or #interiordesign. Finally, don’t forget the place hashtags, specifying the city, district, or business in which the post was created.

Separate your caption from hashtags

Hashtags can be particularly useful for boosting the development of your community, but they can quickly make the captions of your posts loaded and unpleasant to read. To avoid this, a common option is to add either a line break or black bullets to create a clear distinction between the descriptive text and your hashtags.

Don’t forget the hashtags in your Stories

Did you know you can add multiple hashtags to your Stories slides?
Like popular posts, you can significantly increase the coverage of your posts by adding these keywords.
You can add up to 10 hashtags on each Story using the “Aa” text functionality or one hashtag via the corresponding sticker.
And if you are afraid that it will not look nice on your visual, you still have the option to hide these keywords below a sticker or gif!