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5 Advantages Of Owning A Smart Home

With technological advancement scaling new heights, nothing seems impossible anymore. Living in a fast-paced generation involves utilitlising plenty of digital aspects in our everyday lives, where technology plays a role in every part of our lives including our home. In recent decades, advancements in making our homes smarter.

It may seem that converting a house into a smart home can be very costly. But if you look at all the benefits – a home automation system can be very beneficial and presents plenty of great advantages that a homeowner would gain.

To incline your decision further, here are 6 advantages of owning a smart home –

1. Energy efficiency

In this era, products that waste energy are not worth investing in. Smart homes not only conserve energy but are supremely eco-friendly. They keep a track of your lifestyle choices and use this pattern to switch off electronic devices when they are not in use. By 2024, the intelligent lighting controls market is projected to reach around 5.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Designed in such a way to make most use of the available energy without exploiting additional resources, sensors record movement and turn on devices without additional instructions.

Additionally, using sensors to measure temperature combined with modern home heating systems- smart homes are great at regulating heat to warm homes while using low amounts of energy.

2. Ease of access

Buying a smart home gives you the convenience of access wherever you are. With just a finger touch on a mobile app connected to your smart home, you may control any part of your home without being physically present there. This technology is of great use when stuck in tricky situations like opening the garage door for your kid if you are late from the office or letting the dog out for his walk if you are overseas and many innumerable other things.

Flexibility of dealing with electronic gadgets and the system of your house on the go are reasons enough to convince a person to switch to a smart home.

3. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

AAL technology supports independent living senior citizens and improves their quality of life without reliance on others. This trend is gaining traction in Europe with the main aims as –

  • Avoid injury and illness by doing laborious tasks
  • Reduce the cost of care

With AAL, seniors citizens can utilize accelerated technologies to control different sensors around their home without straining their body. This can aid health and wellness in aged people by use of the wide range of capabilities offered by smart homes.

4. Personal customization offerings

Owning a home is a big investment which is incomplete if it’s not customized according to the owner’s needs. The rise of the smart home was due to its ability to tick every checkbox in the list and provide scalable technologies as a whole package.

You can personalize features like – turning on garden sprinklers at a fixed time in the morning while you comfortably get your beauty sleep or draw blinders in the living room after sunset. Setting timers for various activities is a big thumbs up to busy millennials as well.

5. Security on the go

If you have ever left a door unlocked and had to rush back home from a hectic office day just to seal it, a smart home is for you. With the revenue for the Smart Home Security segment expected to be worth 44 Billion U.S. dollars by 2025, think about the reduced burden of security risks.

Buying a smart home ensures added security layers by not only monitoring your security cameras but also looking out for locked doors and windows, adjusting camera angles in case of blind spots that may be missed, checking locked garage doors and many many more such concerns. A forgetful person like me is surely in love with these ideas.

Smart homes result in cost and routine optimization for owners with the added bonus of maximum security and flexibility without having to do hardly anything.

Multiple tasks can be completed while you lounge around, unwilling to move. Energy saving is not only happening for your home, but for yourself as well. Peace of mind is very necessary and with smart homes, this becomes convenient.

The above listed 5 advantages are enough to motivate you to give your house an upgrade to a smart home.