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Why Do People Gamble?

Those, who are not tightly related to gambling, especially friends and relatives of players, ask this question very often, they simply don’t understand why players need to spend money chasing winnings. While some gamblers enjoy pokies or table games for fun, others find it difficult to stop and eventually develop an addiction.

Why some people can play for fun to kill time and others – end up on treatment and with broken families? This topic has never been simple and the modern industry has made everything even harder by offering generous promotions, huge game selection, and bonus codes. Players just need to claim no deposit casino offers using these bonus codes and start playing without any investments. So why people gamble? And when is the time to start worrying?

The Most Common Reasons

The topic of gambling has been studied for decades and with every research more details on the reasons, as well as consequences, arise. Today we’ll share the most wide-spread reasons of why people like games of chance so much!

1. They enjoy risk

Probably the most popular reason is that taking risks and feeling the adrenalin rush is in our nature. Experiencing anticipation, waiting for a certain symbol land on a reel takes us high and we feel entertained and excited. Most people live routine lives and desperately lack those emotions.

2. Escapism

It’s not a secret that we are living in a world full of stress, hurry, and problems. We have lots of duties at work, conflicts at home, and lack of rest. Thus, gambling becomes a great way of escaping reality. Joining the virtual world of bright colours, excitement, and fun is one of the most effective ways to distract from everyday hardships.

3. Socializing

Card games and bingo are the games, which we play since childhood. Children in New Zealand start gambling at a really young age and games of chance have already become a part of our culture. It is a way to communicate, meet with friends, and start new relationships with people, who share similar interests.

4. Because it’s stylish

Gambling psychology is rather clear to advertisers, so to promote casinos or particular games, they usually depict successful, fashionable, and attractive people enjoying the game. In movies and TV shows, we see stylish and successful gamblers, who belong to high society and live their lives to the fullest. Who doesn’t want such a life?

The similarity to childhood games

At first glance, you won’t find anything similar between a video slot game and the L.O.L. collection your daughter has. However, they are very alike, which causes much concern among psychologists and researchers around the world.

Blind bags, i.e. packs with surprise toys, contain hidden collectable toys. At the moment there are hundreds of lines from My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to extremely popular L.O.L. dolls. And while one pack doesn’t cost much, to collect all of them you’ll have to spend a fortune.

This business model is based on the principles of how video games, scratchies, and poker machines work, engaging our children and youngsters into gambling at an early age.

When is the time to be alarmed?

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to notice when gambling becomes an addiction because it has different features. When noticing that games of chance cause problems in your life or in the lives of the people you love, it’s the right time to analyze the problem. Here are the common misconceptions that compulsive gamblers believe in:

  • When continuing playing, I will sooner or later return everything I’ve lost;
  • Gambling is a quick solution to my problems;
  • Gambling is the only effective way to escape worries and stress.

If you no longer feel joy from the game and start noticing that it causes problems, take this signal seriously because timely measures can actually save your life.

Walking on a thin line

Today we have discussed the most common reasons why people gamble. They love the adrenalin rush, need to experience new emotions, and want to escape reality. Some players want to seem cool and sexy, while others – to find new friends. But no matter what your reasons for playing are, there is a rather thin line between gambling for fun and developing an addiction.

When feeling even the slightest concerns, talk to a person you trust or get professional help. Remember, there is nothing wrong with gambling until you play for fun!