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Why and How Should We Recruit Butlers?

The owners of the big households usually can’t handle all chores alone. They divide their houses into some parts and employ workers to take care of everything. They may allow one or more people to stay in charge of a specific field. Traditionally, the highest servant status is held by either a housekeeper (woman) or butlers (man). In modern times, any domestic worker can be implied by a estate manager or a housekeeper regardless of their gender. Hiring the right house manager requires skill and effort as the value they bring to the hiring family is crucial. Let’s talk about their contribution to an estate:

  • Paying household bills: A house manager makes sure to inform his boss about all kinds of bills. He can also make the payment on behalf of the master.
  • Overseeing other staff: There can be one or several workers in a household compartment. As the house owners lead busy lives, they may not be able to keep their eyes on each staff. But a house manager oversees everyone’s performance. He can moderate the working schedule, duration, and pattern for a better result.
  • Handling travel arrangements: Butler knows what items his boss needs during a vacation, business trips, urgent local or international journeys. He organizes each item accordingly.
  • Appointing other servants: Estate managers play an excellent role in finding out the best applicant for a particular job. They introduce the new workers to the rooms, their work, and related routine. They also report each person’s training progress and performance to the house owner.
  • Ensuring stocked essentials: It is common to run out of kitchen items when we need them. Such situations will not arrive in the presence of a butler. He keeps all necessities (kitchen items, medicines, wines, beverages, etc.) stocked.
  • Doing maintenance: Many home appliances such as security systems, smart technologies require regular maintenance. The same goes for gardens, pets, home theaters, home libraries. A house manager checks whether everything is going well or not. 
  • Booking appointments: If the family wants to visit doctors, business partners, or other important meetings, a house manager handles the management and timings. 
  • Taking care of valuable properties: A estate manager confirms that all artwork, silver or gold belongings, crystals, antiques are clean, polished, and safe. 
  • Overseeing events: They arrange family gatherings, parties, and other social events. Hosting, greeting guests, and serving food are their tasks too.
  • Managing other family duties: Butlers handle clothing inventories, meal arrangements, and other main spheres as per their masters want. He is aware of the family member’s preferences, habits, health conditions and fulfills their unpredictable demand.

As you can see, house managers help in the smooth running of busy families. Once they start maintaining their duties, the house members become free from the household burden. However, you can not expect perfect services if the house manager lacks communication, multi-tasking capability as well as management skills. So, where can you find such persons during the quarantine? A simple solution is contacting a local staff recruitment agency. People will find not only estate managers there but also babysitters, housekeepers, chauffeur, personal assistance, and professional cooks. Most agencies also offer jobs for the mentioned posts. They give some timing options, including permanent, half-time, full-time, and many more. Before hiring anyone from the agency, don’t forget to check its terms and conditions. All candidates should have sufficient training, qualification, and a clean background. Then, you can choose any who will fit your requirements.

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