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Two Card Games to Play on Holiday

Chilling out by the pool all day can be tiring, especially if you need to use the swim-up bar to get a cocktail. If you’re heading to a sunny resort, you’ll find that most people’s schedule is the same; wake up and wander to breakfast (designate someone to put towels on the sunbeds), then head down the pool and take up your position for the day. After showering in the evening, a lot of people play a few games before taking a walk to a local restaurant for dinner.

A holiday is the perfect opportunity to get a group together to play some card games and fill some time – although most will have to go and buy another deck, as they forgot to bring one from home. If you’re heading abroad for some winter sun, here are two easy-to-learn card games you can play whilst you wait.


A great way to begin is to have someone play Solitaire, also known as patience. Although this is usually a one-person game, it is a great way to get beginners involved in spotting patterns and learning the different cards. It can be a quick or slow game, depending on ‘the luck of the cards’.

There are two stages to complete before winning the game. The first objective is to get all the cards from your hand out onto the table in sequence. The second objective is to build the deck onto the Ace foundations in their respective suits. If both objectives are complete, then the game is won.

The game revolves around patterns, colours, and series of numbers. Allowing all-abilities to help you get the cards out in the black-red-black-red format, and pile them up in their respective suits makes the game easy enough for all to enjoy. Of course, you can also play solitaire by yourself if you get a few free moments alone.

Gin Rummy

This game can also be known as Threes and Fours. Although this game is slightly more difficult to get involved with straight away, as you need to make independent decisions instantly. However, the game can be played in teams of two if preferred – which also allows people to learn and understand the game before playing separately.

The cards are dealt seven to each person. The rest of the cards which are not dealt lay face down in the middle. On each player’s turn, they pick up from the deck in the middle and discard one from their hand. The objective of the game is to collect three or four cards Players have the option of collecting cards of the same value or cards of the same suit, but they must be in chronological order. The winner is the first person to announce that their hand completes both objectives. Three and four cards, with the same value or suit (in sequence).

Of course, there are other card games to play. Or, if you forget to pack those cards or online games are more your thing, check out this Deal or No Deal game: