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Top Seasonal Decor Changes for Your Home

Just like the different seasons bring in different weather, your interior decor needs to change from time to time as well. A decor switch up now and then infuses new energy and revitalises a space.
So how can you prepare your house for different seasons? Just keep on reading.


Winter is that time of the year when you just want to cosy up in front of the fireplace and watch a movie. Here are some ways to make your house a cosy paradise-

  • Focus on deep tones that will add warmth to your space. Rich-hued woods and textiles such as chunky cable-knit blankets, fuzzy comforters and wool throws are some classic options. You can also roll-up blankets and place them in a basket by the couch.
  • Candles are one of the easiest ways to adapt your house to a particular season. Chestnut, pine, peppermint, cardamom, and citrus are scents that will get you in the holiday spirit.
  • While there is an emphasis on deep tones, it doesn’t imply dull interiors. With the help of metallic and mirrored elements your house will get the much needed shine. Coppers, golds and even pop of silvers will complement the winter theme while illuminating your house.


Spring is the arrival of warmer weather and blooming flora. Here is how you can make your house spring ready-

  • Flowers are an excellent way to decorate your interiors for spring. They are readily available and the options are endless. As far as textiles are concerned, you should keep it modest so that the flowers can truly stand out. Neutral replacement cushions for cane furniture is the way to go.
  • Apart from actual flowers, florals can be introduced in other ways. A chintz tablecloth and floral wallpapers are some popular options.
  • Your interiors should have pastel-hued elements exuding a fresh feel. Mint vases, lilac upholstery and aquamarine table runners will brighten up your house from the winter slumber.
  • Sheer lace curtains manage to make any room dreamy and ethereal. Delicate drapes also wonderfully juxtapose with other formal and bold furnishings.


Everything gets brighter in summer and so should your house. Here’s how-

  • If the foundation of your interior decor is essentially neutral tones, then you can have some fun with mixing and matching patterns and colours. Striking cushions and patterned rugs will perfectly contrast the plain soft tones.
  • Furnish your house with natural fibers and cane furnishings for a whimsical touch. You can go for hanging wicker lamps or a rattan dining table. Cane Direct Furniture is the right place for all your cane and wicker needs.
  • Summer is the best time to bring out the handmade accessories. Replace your framed structured artwork with macrame and other woven pieces for a relaxed boho look.
  • Tropical, fresh and citrusy candles will infuse your house with refreshing scents and make it summer ready.


Autumn brings slightly chilly nights to relieve you from hot summer days. Here are some ideas to prepare your house for fall-

  • Plaid textiles scream autumn. Swapping summer bedding with fall-toned plaid bedding and comforter will not only amplify the aesthetics but will also keep you warm.
  • A wreath made out of dried oranges, mini-pumpkins, leaves and pine cones is a fun DIY project to undertake. Such elements can instantly change the vibe.
  • Fall is the time for pumpkin pies and heartwarming soul food. These items not only taste delicious but also smell great. Nothing would make your house cosier and inviting than fall scented candles.
  • From pumpkin spice to cinnamon apple, candles can completely transform the ambience of your house.
  • Autumn is the spooky season. You can decorate your house for halloween with easily available (and affordable) craft store garlands and wall hangings.

Did you know rearranging furniture and adding new elements promotes creativity and lifts up mood? Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to occasionally change your interiors.