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Tips On How To Select The Best Interior Paints For Every Room

Are you someone who just bought a new house? Are you worried about how to design your own house? Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Paints are a budget-friendly interior design idea that can help you transform your home into something that you end up loving. Every part of your house needs different colours depending upon the micro-climate. There are different colours for every space, even if it’s your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, ceiling, or the cabinet.

The given guidelines will help you to choose the right colour of paint for every room in your house.

  1. Bedroom walls: Bedrooms are considered as low-impact areas. Whenever any guest comes to your house, you take them to the living area rather than your bedroom. Hence, you can use any of the paint you wish. You can select any acrylic which has flatter or greater sheen. Most of the paint manufacturers tend to offer this type of paint.
  2. Bathroom: Bathroom walls are something that retains moisture. They need paint which has higher wipe-ability. Try the paint, which has glossier sheen as they provide a higher molecular structure. This will make it difficult for moisture to penetrate the walls. Thus, the paints labelled as “bathroom paint” are appropriate for these kinds of walls.
  3. Kitchen: The kitchen walls are most misused. They have to bear the heat, oil spots, and sometimes other food items. It is recommended to avoid paints that are having flat or matte sheens. They will make your work difficult to wipe down the dirt from the wall. Satin, eggshell or semi-gloss sheen paints are popular for kitchen walls.
  4. Ceiling: Ceiling should always be painted with flat sheen paints. White colour falls under the majority as they do not create the space-limiting illusion, unlike glossy paints. White colour also reflects the ambient light into the room.
  5. Doors, windows, and cabinets: It is recommended to use water-soluble latex paint for your doors and windows. They will give a smoother surface look. Try out the ones that have a semi-gloss sheen.
  6. Basement: The walls of the basement tend to weep water. To avoid that, you can choose paints that have a glossy sheen. The masonry paint will expand if the wall gives off water vapour. Once the pressure is gone, it will come back to its original shape.

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