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The Dapper Fellow: A Man’s Vintage Style Guide to Vintage Accessories

Did you grow up reading classic tales of victory and war? Was Sherlock Holmes your hero more than any X-Man, Spiderman, or Batman? If so, there’s probably an ingrained pull to things of the past inside of you.

And what better way to express who we are than through our style? Adding vintage accessories to your wardrobe will speak volumes about your desire to live a classic, well-trimmed life.¬†where it says “eharmony”?

Below, we’ve pulled together our first-ever vintage style guide to help you add important elements from the past into your wardrobe with a perfect splash of modernity. Let’s shop!


Okay, we’re being a little dramatic here. Spectacles may not be the precise word, but a strong pair of frames is. Don’t draw back from a thick pair of black frames. Another retro alternative is a pair of circular wire frames.

Our final vintage favorite has a little bit of tortoiseshell action on the frame. This definitely echoes of the past. Vintage frames are easy to find online and act as a tell-tale sign of your classic style.

Tweed Jacket

You must’ve known we were coming here next. A tweed jacket is an essential men’s fashion accessory, especially if you’re drawn to a vintage style. Of course, there are ways to wrap it up in a modern twist.

Add on a pair of skinny chinos or corduroys. Jeans aren’t quite so vintage, so you’ll want to steer away from them (with regard to tweed). With a pair of chinos and a turtleneck under your jacket, those spectacles are going to be perfectly matched.

Oxford Shoes

As someone’s eyeballing your outfit and wondering how to compliment you, their gaze is probably going to end at your feet. Make sure it ends with a bang. Finalize your tweed-topped outfit with a pair of Oxford shoes, or wingtip shoes.

Wingtip shoes come in so many varieties, you could get lost scrolling the Internet for your next pair. A nice set of brown on brown leather wingtips would seal the tweed deal with a succinct clink.


For some, wearing a blazer all day is a prison sentence. We get that. If you like a little more movement in your shoulders and arms but still want to maintain a vintage vibe, then consider a cardigan.

Look for a nice cardigan with a strong collar, maybe something that pops a little. Don’t shy away from bold buttons and a sturdy hemline. A cardigan can top off absolutely anything in the book – t-shirts, shirts and ties, jeans, chinos, corduroys, you name it.


What would a cardigan be without a scarf swooshed over your shoulder? Instead of draping yourself in a suit and tie on a cool autumn morning, opt for a cardigan and scarf.

This will transport you back in time to a stylish age where the men polished their shoes, weren’t afraid to rock cardigans, and topped it all off with some sort of peacoat and delicately plaided scarf.

Leather Messenger Bag

Now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. Once your style is established through important wardrobe accessories, it’s time to consider the full look. A leather messenger bag harkens back to the past far more than a black leather briefcase.

Whether you’re commuting to the office or heading to the coffee shop to meet the woman you’ve been talking to on eHarmony, a leather messenger bag will make a bold statement about your love for old-fashioned, quality items.

Fountain Pen

While the rest of the world is maintaining their thoughts and ideas somewhere on their iPhone, you can pull out an old leather journal and jot down your ideas with your fountain pen.

We can guarantee people are going to look at you with wonderment. Fountain pens are about as old school and classic as pocket watches. Best of all, they’re easier to work with than one would think and far cooler to write with.

Pocket Watch

This brings us to a tiny detail that may go unnoticed, but you’ll feel good making it a part of your morning routine. Go ahead and stick a pocket watch in the front pocket of your pants.

Link it to your belt loop and just let that delicate detail sit there all day or, much like your fountain pen, make this vintage accessory a part of your everyday activity.

Leatherbound Books

You see where we’re going here, don’t you? Imagine a man sitting in a coffee shop with a cardigan, scarf, tortoiseshell glasses, and fountain pen. The next thing he pulls out of his bag is a classic edition of The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.

Every female bookworm in the world will swoon! Your vintage sense of style should run deeper than the threads of your clothes. It should be a full-body embrace of things of the past. This can certainly envelop classic, leatherbound books over even the spiffiest modern-day tablet.

A Beard

And, finally, how about a little hairstyling. A vintage style for men often comes with a little bit of facial hair. How else could you make use of that silver straight razor you’ve been thinking about?

With a well-trimmed beard (rocking some handlebars) and a hand pipe as your companion, you might as well walk around with a time capsule on your back. Swarms of people are going to want to step through the looking glass with you and embrace a love of the past.

Vintage Accessories to Implement Today

And there you have it! Step out of the present and into the past with any of these vintage accessories. You can start slowly, too. Experiment with a messenger bag first. Then, move on to a pair of wingtips.

From there, add on the cardigan, and you’ve entered into a serious commitment with the past.

You’ll love it and never want to go back. Here at The WoW Style, we want to help you further develop your sense of style. We’ll help you get your home, your wardrobe, and your overall lifestyle to where you want it. Keep coming back to visit us for more fashion, travel, and home decor style tips as you set your world on fire.