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Struggling to Get off Drugs? Consider Methadone Clinics

If you are struggling with opioid addiction, you need to consider your options for the road to recovery seriously. It would be best to consider MAT or Medical-Assisted Therapy, especially methadone therapy, for addiction recovery. However, it is vital to remember that you will need professional supervision throughout your treatment, and thus, you need a reputed rehabilitation center. 

Methadone clinic Las Vegas NV follows state and federal guidelines for MAT to treat addiction problems. It is essential to use the drugs safely to minimize the risks associated with drug rehabilitation. A professional rehab center is a perfect choice since you will receive 24-7 expert supervision and tried-tested addiction recovery programs. 

Are you looking for a methadone clinic Atlanta?

A methadone clinic Atlanta is a place for recovery from opioid-based addiction. Any addict can receive methadone-based therapy, but you need to undergo the process. It usually includes admission, preliminary check-up, and various therapy procedures to deal with the physiological and psychological imbalances. Clinics are either public or private, but you need to look for a clinic that follows the U.S. state and federal regulations. Here are the main benefits of methadone clinics in opioid addiction recovery. 

  • A decrease in cravings for opioids
  • The decrease in the physical need for using the drug
  • Increased efficiency for day-to-day activities and chores
  • Reduction in opioid withdrawal symptoms during the rehabilitation
  • Minimizing the effects of short and long-term opioid usage

What to expect at a methadone clinic?

Every opioid-addicted individual should visit a local methadone clinic or rehab center. Rehab centers are neither age nor gender specific, though there are options if you are looking for them. But the doors are open for you to build a better future, free from the clutches of opioid addiction. 

As stated in the previous section, you won’t receive the medication when you step into rehab. There is a process, and you will need to go through a thorough screening. Depending on your addiction duration, you might even need to check-in for residential rehab. You will be assigned a counselor for the individual and group therapy sessions. 

During the screening, you will get asked about your history, and in some cases, you will have to undergo blood and urinalysis tests. The specialists will inform you about the goals and the guidelines of the treatment process. Keep that in mind they will devise a treatment plan, considering your personal history, length of abuse, current health, and medical requirements. So, you will receive a customized treatment plan when you visit a methadone clinic. 

Lastly, you will have to attend various counseling sessions which will focus on relapse prevention, identification of triggers, and tips on avoiding them. Keep in mind that therapy sessions will be a mixture of solo, group, and family. It is vital to recognize the importance of rehabilitation programs. The goal is to rehabilitate the individual into society and integrate right, and you will need to develop real-world skills. In that regard, therapy sessions play a critical role, both during the rehabilitation and post-release. 

Features of methadone clinics

Here are the main features of methadone clinics.

MAT or medication-assisted treatment

Opioids affect the brain systems and cause havoc with brain chemistry. That is the reason for the unnatural drug cravings and dependencies. Methadone treatment blocks the opioid receptors in the body, therefore, negating the drug’s effects completely. There are several medications alongside methadone that specialists regularly use at various rehab centers across the globe. Several of these medications are non-addictive, and you can use them long-term to cure addiction issues completely. If you or a loved one is suffering from opioid addiction, you should seriously consider methadone treatment. 

CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy

Drug abuse doesn’t just play havoc with the physiochemical process but also causes behavior issues. Behavior issues are incredibly problematic since it affects the friends, family and career opportunities. This is where a rehab center comes into play as counselors work tirelessly with the residents and provide therapy, skills, and education to manage the behavior issues. It is all about learning the skills to cope with the triggers, and CBT allows you to do just that. 

Medical detox

Lastly, we need to talk about medical detox. We have all heard horror stories about opioid withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can often become life-threatening, and it is exceptionally crucial to minimize the risks during rehabilitation. MAT is an excellent option since the therapy can take the edge off the withdrawal symptoms making the process comfortable. Keep in mind that the general timeline is around a week to reduce symptoms, but in some instances, symptoms might last for months. 

If you are a long-term user and experience physical symptoms like runny nose, teary eyes, and cold sweats, which makes you use regularly, you need expert medical care. Look for a local methadone clinic to take back control of your life.