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New Trends in Decor for 2021

Like fashion, home decor continually changes, and new trends are always arising. However, these trends often go unnoticed until we have a big shift over a more extended period. Even so, there are typically a few new trends occurring in interior design every year. To help keep you abreast of the changes, we are listing the most popular trends this year.

While the minimalist style is still ongoing, lately, there has been a focus on comfort and tradition, which will continue for 2021.

Many designers believe the 90’s vibe is making a comeback. People are spending a lot of time at home and want to add comfort to their home spaces. So if you had a formal minimalist living room for years, you might now be looking for ways to make it more inviting and comforting.


Another trend this year will be the addition of decorative doors for interior uses. New door hardware and door types offer many ways to add a door to an interior space. Interior doors come in a variety of styles, but this year, natural wood in a variety of sizes and formats will be the trend.

Homeowners now want private offices or areas within their home and an interior door is just as much a part of the decor as is the furniture. Homeowners want to create spa sanctuaries in the bathroom, cozy reading areas in walk-in closets, or office spaces from a divided living room.

Soft Curves

Overstuffed furniture with softer curves and more traditional styles make a comeback because you can always count on them for comfort and a relaxing ambiance. Bring simple rounded furniture back into your living room for a more traditional and simple style.

Choose furniture that doesn’t lean as much towards minimal or mid-century and goes for the more traditional look.

Matching Furniture Is on Its Way Out

It’s all about showing your eclectic and creative taste nowadays. Matching sets are no longer a great design element. Instead, you want to coordinate your furniture and showcase your personality.

Bold Walls

People are choosing bold colors for accent walls. Neutral wall colors have been the fashion, but now bold colors are going to fill the walls. It is a trend inspired by people’s being disconnected from the outside who now want a home with more personality.

Adding color to walls can be fun, but you do want to consider the color and how it could impact the space you paint. Intense color in bedrooms or an office can influence the way the room makes you feel.

Large Bathroom Tiles

Oversized tiles for bathrooms are also making a comeback. It’s time to skip the small tiles with the impossible to clean grout and choose large scale tiles with fewer grout lines. This also offers less visual clutter and can help to make smaller spaces seem larger.

Light Woods

Whether you use oak or Scandinavian blond, it is the light-colored woods that are replacing the dark shades. This color of wood gives a room a lighter and airier feel. It is uplifting and has a more modern look.

The light tone trends are a result of the minimalist movement, but may also be simply because people are at home more now and want their rooms to be brighter.

The minimalist movement taught us to reduce, eliminate unnecessary objects, and keep only the things we love. In our move towards sustainability, we also want to have less but better quality pieces.

Natural Fabrics Are Becoming the Go-To Fabric

Many home decor specialists are shifting towards natural home fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are losing popularity because people are becoming more aware of environmental issues. We will use more natural fabrics and sustainable materials in this year’s trends.

Outdoor Spaces

Because of social and health issues, we start to see an increase in the use of outdoor spaces. These areas are taking on more importance and many people have taken on the free air lifestyle. Backyards, balconies, and rooftops are the new design area. Decor experts are using weatherproof upholstery, comfortable patio furniture, drink ledges, and other areas to create more interesting outdoor areas.