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Is Serviced Based Living the Future?

If you were to go back in time just 20 years ago and tell people that pretty much all the services they need for daily life would be in their mobile phone, essentially “under one roof”, they might find it hard to believe.

To someone in the year 2000, when an invention like the McFlurry (a miracle in its own right) was only a mere two years old, the possibility of having everything under one roof and so easily accessible would be a stretch of the imagination. Tell them that in 2020 it would be an expectation and not a luxury and they would probably accuse you of lying.

And yet now we can get food delivered in a few taps and contact people without touching a button. It’s a level of ease that surprisingly hasn’t made much headway in how we live when we get home, although that’s about to change. In major cities, there’s a growing trend to give people more than just a trendy apartment, and instead provide services in an attempt to attract people to live there.

Here are some of the dynamic ways companies are doing it.

Smart Apartments

Alexa. Siri. Google.

Three names you’ll hear a lot in many homes around the globe these days. Younger professionals looking for somewhere to live want to have smart apartments that can be controlled as much as possible through voice commands or their phones.

Where the biggest turn off comes is from companies who think offering a free Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker is the way to go, when in fact, most people already have their own assistive devices.

The real trick is in creating a smart apartment for someone. That’s done by having items like the locks, lights and thermostat already in there and ready for use, as they’re the more expensive items that someone can’t just unplug and take with them.

Almost everything under one roof

You get home from work, maybe hit the gym and then want to relax with a beer without having to make the effort of going out again. If only the bar could come to you.

It’s a reality for those lucky enough to be living at 10 George Street in London’s Canary Wharf. The new development by Vertus is aiming to provide services that no other luxury apartment building in the city can match.

That means giving those looking to live somewhere exclusive amenities like:

  • a proper functional gym that isn’t just a treadmill and a few mismatched weights
  • dry cleaning done for you
  • a fully stocked self-service bar area for you and guests
  • a lounge area so you don’t always have to have guests in your apartment when they come round
  • guest suites in the same building so you don’t have to feel cramped when family stay

By providing services that lighten the load of daily life, people will be keen to live there. With some menial jobs taken care of they can have a more relaxing time of it once they are home.

No more trips to IKEA

Some people love it. Some people hate it.

The inevitable trip to IKEA after moving into a new apartment usually evokes dreams of designer drawers and a fancy modern table, when in reality you come home with a lamp and succulent you’ll forget to water.

Another growing trend from serviced based living is having apartments where you’re paying for everything to be there already. There is no need to have a moving truck when your new apartment already has a fully furnished living room or bedroom, and the kitchen has brand new, brand name appliances.

That’s right; it’s now possible to rent an apartment where the toaster, microwave, couch and wardrobes are all part of your lease. If the trend continues, Ross’ infamous “PIVOT” from Friends could end up being a joke that stops making sense in a few years.

What do you think of serviced living?

Do some of the ideas mentioned in this piece make living in the apartment of the not so distant future fun? Or would you rather not have to pay more for rent if you know you could just buy a cheap toaster?

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