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How to Shop for Jewelry Online: Everything You Need to Know

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and rings, your jewelry box contains it all. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use more accessories. Your goal is to have something that goes with every outfit.

The problem is the expense. Buying diamonds isn’t cheap by any means. What if we told you that there was a way to save money and still get high-quality pieces?

The answer is to shop for jewelry online. Online shops don’t build up the same amount of expenses that a brick and mortar store does, so they can afford to lower their prices.

The only problem is you can’t touch the jewelry the digital shops have. That’s why you’ve got to be extra vigilant when you’re looking for a retailer. Keep reading to learn how to find the best online jewelry store for your needs.

Why Should You Shop Online?

Before we talk about how to get a good deal online, let’s discuss why you should browse the web instead of heading to your nearest brick-and-mortar store.

You can’t touch or see the products that a digital store has. Why should you trust them when you can go to a physical shop and talk to an actual seller?


What’s better than being able to browse for necklaces while wearing your PJs? The answer is nothing. You can search through stores that are thousands of miles away while you’re waiting on your order at your favorite coffee shop.

If you need help with something, you can always talk to a representative. Most stores have someone available 24 hours a day who can answer questions via chat.

No Pushy Salesmen

Most of the salesmen at the brick-and-mortar stores get a commission when they make a sale. This leads to pushy business tactics that can be pretty annoying when you’re going into a shop with a clear goal in mind.

You already know what you want. You don’t need someone trying to talk you into getting things that you have no intention of buying.

Lower Prices

Online retailers sell things through a method known as drop shipping. That means they cut out the middle man and connect you right to a manufacturer. It’s a strategy that allows them to keep their costs lower.

Physical shops can’t afford to give you the same prices as an online store can because they have more overhead expenses to think about.

Zero Lines

Have you ever tried to get into a jewelry store during Black Friday? It’s a total nightmare. You’ll be lucky if you can get in throughout the entire holiday season.

If you stick to shopping via the world wide web, you may have to worry about things being out of stock, but you won’t have to spend hours in a long line.

Wide Selection

Physical shops only have so much space to work with. Having a bunch of gems stuffed in the display cases poses a huge security risk, too.

That means you might head to your local mall without finding what you were looking for. Online shops have a better selection because there’s no limit to how much stock they can hold, and they don’t have to hire extra security guards to watch over their jewelry.

Do Your Research

Before you start shopping around, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the different types of jewelry. Knowing the diamond cut you prefer and how much it usually goes for will make it easier to do price comparisons.

If you have family and friends who shop online a lot, ask them what jewelry retailers they like. That will give you a list of shop names that you can plug into Google.

As soon as you hit the enter key on that internet search, you’ll see a list of online customer reviews that you can read. Once you’re done scrolling through them, it’s time to research the company’s checkout methods. You want to make sure that your private information is going to be protected.

Read the Return Policy

Another thing you need to look for is a return policy. Nine times out of ten, companies that don’t have one sell poor-quality products. They’re happy to get rid of them and not so happy to take them back.

For companies that do have a return policy, make sure that you read the fine print. For example, some shops will take back a ring that didn’t fit you as long as you didn’t get it engraved. If you had the piece customized at all, you’re out of luck.

Tax and Shipping Costs

No matter what you buy online, you’re going to have to pay for shipping to some degree. It’s not as bad with jewelry because the thing you’re buying weighs about the same as a sheet of paper. Where you’re going to be forking over a lot of money is the sales tax.

Since most jewelry items are on the expensive side, the state taxes on them can be a bit ridiculous. There is a trick that you can do to get around it.

Certain states don’t have a sales tax. If you have a friend or family member in one of these states, you can send the jewelry to their place and have them send it to you.

If you don’t know anyone who lives in Deleware or Montana, you can open up a remote mailbox in one of those states and have the jewelry forwarded to you from there.


No matter if you’re shopping online or in a brick-and-mortar store, one thing is true. It can be easy to get carried away and charge your credit card for way more than you can afford.

It’s much easier to manage your spending if you make a budget before you pick up your computer to browse. You’re not likely to go over the dollar amount that you came up with in your head. You can filter your shopping search to only show jewelry pieces that fall into your budget.

Of course, you often pay for what you get when it comes to buying jewelry. If you go for the cheapest pieces that you can buy, the quality is going to be questionable at best.

There are ways to make buying high-quality items easier on your wallet. Most online shops have discounts and coupons that you can take advantage of. You can also talk to the retailer about financing your Daith piercing jewelry, and don’t forget to look for sales.


Let’s say that you want to go all out on a ring for your significant other. Most people don’t have the thousands of dollars needed to pay for a pricey diamond sitting in their pocket.

You can get around the high upfront cost by asking the online shop about financing. For a dozen or so smaller payments, you’ll own the ring within a few months.

The best part? Most of the time, financing your jewelry is interest-free. As long as you have a decent credit score, you shouldn’t run into any problems qualifying for the loan.

Look for Sales

When stores get in new products, they often put a clearance sticker on the old items so they can get rid of them and make space in their stock room. This happens during random points during the year, so you’ll have to keep an eye out.

You can also find some great deals during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. The discounts won’t be as good as the ones you can get on the clearance items, but you’ll still be saving money.

Use Coupons

Most stores use coupons as a method to persuade people to buy things. Online Jewelry shops are no exception. You can get them by signing up for a company’s newsletter or making an account on the website.

If you shop from a place a lot, they may send promotional codes to your email address every now and again. Plug these codes in when you’re checking out and say hello to the sweet discounts.

Ask for Certificates

When you buy a valuable diamond ring, it’s going to come hand in hand with a certificate. It shows that the piece is authentic. These certificates aren’t issued by the company.

They’re issued by professional gemologists. Don’t buy a ring online without asking for a certificate of authenticity. If the company is hesitant about giving it to you, that should raise a red flag or two.

Ask for Real Pictures

Some companies will sell items that they don’t actually have in stock. They do this by posting stock photos of products that look like the ones they sell.

When you buy the item, you’ll have to wait months before it arrives at your home because the company can’t ship it out to you until they have it.

To avoid this annoyance, ask the online retailer to give you actual pictures of their items or avoid shops that use stock images altogether.


You buy a ring that you really like. You wear it for a few months and then something happens to scratch it up. If it was under warranty, you might be able to get those scratches buffed out with no cost to you.

If it’s not under warranty, you’ll be stuck with the scuffed-up piece of jewelry. In some cases, you have to pay a little more for the warranty. Ten extra dollars is worth it for a lifetime of free cleaning and polishing, though.

Red Flags to Look Out For

So, we’ve talked about what to look for in a retailer and given you general tips for how to shop online. Now it’s time to find out what you should be wary of when you’re browsing through online shops.

There’s No Certificate

Again, a certificate shows that a piece of jewelry is a genuine article. If you pick up a necklace that doesn’t have a certificate attached, there’s a good chance that what you’re buying is a fake.

You see, before a piece of jewelry enters the market, a third-party person has to okay it. Usually, this person is a professional who knows what an authentic gemstone looks like.

A lot of jewelry companies include a certificate as part of the product. If they don’t, we encourage you to ask for it. A legit company will hand it over, no questions asked.

The Retailer Uses Stock Images

We know that we told you to avoid companies that use stock images, but sometimes it can be hard to tell that the picture you’re looking at isn’t of the product you’ll be getting. The best way to do your research is with a reverse Google search.

Right-click on the image and select the “search image with Google Lens” option. If the picture is a stock image, a bunch of duplicates of it will pop up.

No Info on the Products

Since you can’t inspect the product yourself, you’re going to be relying on descriptions alone. The retailer should provide you with the dimensions of the jewelry, the color, clarity, carat, size, and cut.

If the company can’t give you this basic information, you should go with a different online store.

Suspiciously Low Prices

If a deal seems too good to be true, most of the time it is. Products that are cheap before applying all your coupons and discounts are usually hiding horrible defects.

Get the Best Deal When You Shop for Jewelry Online

There’s no end to the benefits of getting necklaces and bracelets online. You don’t have to stand in lines, and you can often get way better deals.

The only problem you run into when you shop for jewelry online is finding a reputable dealer. If you don’t ask for a certificate of authenticity or take the time to do some research, you could end up falling victim to a scam. Jewelry is already expensive enough without getting ripped off!

For more tips that will help you get the best deal on cosmetics and fashion items, visit the Lifestyle section of our blog. 

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