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How to Relax Before Going to Bed: Tips and Tricks

Many people come home tired and stressed from the day’s events. Although some of the stressing factors may be inevitable, it is good to try to relax and destress before going to bed. It would otherwise be a bad idea to go to bed while still stressed and depressed. Learning to keep calm and relax is not only good for your health but also increases the chances of sleeping soundly.

Making it a habit of taking on activities that help the body and brain to relax will see you enjoy other benefits. These include a lower risk of heart attacks, depression, and high blood pressure. Going to bed while stressed will only cause you to toss and turn for hours before finally drifting to sleep. That said, create a bed-time destressing routine to help your mind relax and calm down before sinking into your Beautyrest Black mattress for a peaceful night’s sleep. Here are a few tips and tricks how.

1. Make Sure Your Feet are Warm

Cold feet (literally) will only increase stress levels in the body. Keeping them warm will, however, help you relax, making it easier to fall asleep. While you may not know this, your feet play a vital role in regulating body temperature. Your body temperature is more likely to drop if your feet a cold, and vice versa. Try putting on some warm socks, have a blanket on you, or put on fluffy slippers. This will go a long way in elevating your mood and calming you down.

2. Avoid Bright Lights in Both the Living Room and The Bedroom

Dim lights are known to induce a sense of relaxation, while bright lights will trigger increased alertness. That said, dimming lights in the living room and bedroom an hour or so to bedtime would be a good idea. The low light intensity will trigger the production of sleep hormones too. Make it a habit of dimming the lights an hour to bedtime to prepare your body and mind. Try listening to soft relaxing music as you prepare to go to bed as well.

3. Do Not Use Electronic Devices an Hour to Bedtime

Avoid using electronic devices (laptops, TV, tablets, phones, and video game consoles) a few hours to bedtime. These devices emit blue light, which interferes with the body’s ability to produce sleep hormones. Postpone checking the social media and emails to morning. Switch your phone to silent mode to avoid any temptations.

4. Take A Warm Bath

A warm bath might be all your body needs to start destressing and relax. Sleep experts recommend taking a bath a few minutes to bedtime a way of telling the body to calm down. Invest in bath salts, essential oils, and bath bombs to take the experience a notch higher. The fragrances produced by the essential oils help the brain relax while bathing salts help with body detox.

5. Sip A Warm Calming Beverage

A warm drink provides an excellent way to unwind in the evening. Try chamomile tea, a warm cup of milk, or peppermint tea to relax well and induce sleep. Some of these drinks contain compounds believed to induce sleep. Warm milk is a preferred option for many as it helps calm down and induce sleepiness quickly.