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How to Hang a Heavy Chandelier?

Chandeliers enhance the elegance and beauty of entryways, dining rooms, and other rooms. Installing chandeliers is the same as installing any heavy decorative lights, but it can be complex with wiring connections. But you don’t need to worry about it, and you can do it if you know the right process. So here are some steps that you need to follow to hang chandeliers.

Step-1 Find out the light fixture

The first step you need to do is find the place where you want your chandelier to be. While picking up the fixture, you need to make sure the size is good enough. If it is too small for your room, then you might not get the desired effect you were looking for. So, before you purchase a fixture, make sure to measure the room. While deciding the fixture, you can consider the table size as well for better measurement. You need to hang the chandelier directly above the table.

Step-2 Turn off the power

You need to turn off the electrical power of the room where you are working by the main electric box. You are confused about the right circuit, then turn off the circuit breaker. By taking this safety measure, you will make sure that no harm comes to you during the process. 

Step- 3 Remove the old fixture

By using a ladder, reach to the existing fixture and remove it by lowering it down until you see the wiring connections. Have an assistant to help you with it. Make sure to remove any electrical tape and wires from the old fixture connections.

Step-4 Install a new fixture

Before installing the new light fixture, read all the related documents, including instructions. Most of the chandeliers are hung from separately available or manufacturer-supplied support bars inside the ceiling. Climb up and remove the old electrical box or the old support bar if one exists. Now install the new electrical box to the bar and run the wiring through the assigned holes. 

Set up another ladder and have him/her lift the chandelier and hold it in a perfect position that you can install it by making all the electrical connections. You may need more than one assistant if it is too heavy. Attach all the wire on the chandelier and secure it by wrapping electrical tape.

Step-5 Restore power

Now it is time to restore power to the circuit and turn on all the switches. You will see the chandelier is lighting up. If you don’t see any lighting, then turn off the power and make sure to check all the connections once again, then test it one more.

By following these easy steps, you will be able to hang heavy decorative lights as well. Make sure you are taking all the safety precautions as electrical work can be dangerous. You can take the help of a professional as well if you have any difficulty in understanding. Light up your home with a beautiful chandelier and make your home look even more elegant.

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