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How Can I Protect My Roof?

A roof is one of the most important investments in your home. Surely, when a really bad storm was overhead, you’ve thought to yourself, “I wonder if my roof is in the best condition to handle this?” And that makes sense. Most people aren’t roofers, and when people start hearing scratching sounds and wind howling, it’s easy to get nervous about your roof. But regardless of weather, you want to be sure that the value of your home is being diminished by a vulnerable roof, and that it keeps out what ought to stay out.

Fortunately, it is so easy to take care of your roof and protect it. Many asphalt shingle roofs last between 15 to 20 years, while metal ones can last up to 50 years if properly maintained. In fact, in areas with frequent inclement weather and a lot of those aforementioned noises, having a regular roof inspection allows you to learn about issues in their earliest stages from a professional, rather than later when they are noticeable. Here are some ways to help you protect your roof to stretch out its use as long as possible.

Check For Leaks After Storms

After a really bad storm or heavy snowfall it’s a good idea to go to the upper floors of your home, or into your attic, and start looking for signs that water is leaking into the house. These signs are usually yellow-brown spots that look like irregular circles. They may be in corners or in the middle of the ceiling. Areas that are commonly ignored are closets, so be sure to check those. If you see any of these spots then call a roofer immediately.

Clear Away Branches

If you have a lot of trees near your house, then you will want to trim the branches regularly. This prevents them from falling during heavy snowfalls. Falling can damage not only your roof but your windows as well.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Leaves can get clogged in gutters and then start to rot. This rot can eat away at the materials that seal the roof and can cause mold inside your home. Regularly cleaning your gutters prevents this and an eventual need for a roof repair. Additionally, if your roof has a low pitch or is somewhat flat, then you will want to have it checked for leaves and other organic debris that can be piled and rotting on top of your home or office.

Get Regular Professional Assessments

You can visually inspect your property after a heavy storm or high winds. What you’re looking for are cracked or missing shingles, and that the flashing is still solid without rips or tears. But if you have a high roof or a particularly sharp pitch that is quite steep, then calling professional roofers is the right decision to make. The professionals at Jackson Contracting Inc. will have the correct harnesses and safety equipment to make a thorough assessment, and leave no square foot untouched. Professionals will also have years of experience to notice the details in the earliest signs of wear and tear. They will also be able to make recommendations to protect your roof or attic if they start to notice the initial signs of vulnerability. This way they can take preventative measures to ensure you won’t need a major repair in a few months.