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Here’s How Velcro Can Transform Your Everyday Life

Did you that know astronauts have a small patch of Velcro inside their helmet, in case they get an itchy nose? Fascinating! Velcro is much more versatile than just being a fastener for kids shoes.

Velcro has been popularly used by diverse industries. From wrapping electronic cords to being extensively used in space programmes, its a jack of all trades. Another factor that adds to its appeal is affordability. You can cheapy purchase Velcro in bulk from MPD Hook and Loop.

Let’s see how you can use Velcro to make your everyday life easier:

Hang pictures or art

Hanging pictures or art is not as simple as it sounds. You have to hammer nails into the wall and make sure it’s levelled. But Velcro is here to save the day. It’s surprisingly quite strong!

With Velcro, you can easily hang pictures and artwork without any hassle. Depending on the weight of the piece, you can get industrial-strength velcro that has excellent holding power. This is especially helpful for people renting spaces with rules disallowing drilling walls.

Keep rugs in place

Rugs have the tendency to roll up from the sides and move out of place, especially on polished surfaces. Running kids, pets and sliding rugs make up a disastrous combination.

Velcro is the perfect solution to prevent untidy rugs causing trips and falls. You can attach rugs to the surface and keep them in place for years. When it comes to vacuuming or sweeping, Velcro is a sustainable solution, unlike double-sided tape that can be a nightmare.

Sort out messy cables

Every electronic device you purchase comes with a zillion cables. Though some cables and wires come with a velcro tie, it’s usually poor quality. All you need is a roll of good quality Velcro and you can sort out all your cables.

Make a tablet or phone stand

Has your phone slipped from your hands and plummeted right on your face? You’re not alone! While you can buy stands for tablets and phones, they aren’t customised specifically for you.

Using Velcro you can attach your phone or tablet to any surface. No more of holding your phone till your arms go numb.

Adjusting clothes

What do you do when you need a last-minute dress alteration? Unfortunately, not everyone is talented in the sewing department. It’s time to bring out Velcro, the lazy person’s tailoring solution. From adjusting baggy jeans to oversized dresses, Velcro saves you from cutting and stitching.

Easy babyproofing

Can’t keep your toddler away from the cupboard under the sink? Use extra-hold Velcro to prevent kids from opening drawers and cupboards. It’s the perfect solution that you can self-install without hiring a handyman.

Uses for pets

Mealtime is a big hit with pets. If your furry friend has a habit of dragging the food bowl everywhere and making a mess, get out the Velcro. Use it to attach the bowl to the matt or the floor.

De-pilling sweaters

Nothing is more annoying than the fabric pills that appear on clothing after a few washes. If you are looking for an easy yet cheap way to de-pill your sweaters, put Velcro to work. By gently dabbing the hook side you can remove the balls with ease.

Keep cushions upright

If your cushions keep sliding off, secure them in place with Velcro. It can also be used to fix outdoor cushions constantly knocked over by the wind.

Secure bags and purses

You can’t throw away an expensive bag if the zipper or lock broke. Put Velcro to use. By attaching Velcro with strong glue, you can continue using your favourite bag. When done right, it’s seamless and lasts for years.

Hopefully, these hacks opened you up to the endless possibilities of Velcro!