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Getting The Definition Of Classiness Right

Being classy is a term that you will often overhear in different quarters used to describe someone or an event. It is so common that often its real definition is lost in the many subjects that try to own the term. So what is classiness and how can you achieve it.

Classiness refers to a superior level of sophistication or standing out as the best in terms of quality and hierarchy. Looking at the definition, you get a feeling of the rarity of the quality which is true and is also a defining factor of this trait.

Let us look at how you can buy into this state of sophistication.

Your Dressing

Your manner of dressing is an essential part of your character and holds the key to your tag as being classy or not. To get the tag, you need to be a keen dresser with a penchant for the nicer things. When talking of this trait, the formal look comes into play as it goes hand in hand in terms of respect and presentation.

A nice fitting three-piece suit is the way to go in such a case. Focus on simplicity and opt for cool colors that do not scream for attention. You can go for black, grey or even a cream suit to fit this profile.

Do not forget accessories as they make the attire stand out. Look for a nice slim tie where you can opt for the normal tie, a cravat or a bowtie. Do not forget your wrist and fill it with an equally classy timepiece. For a watch go for one with a simple design such as a Rolex Daytona or a Hublot piece. Make sure it matches your attire for a sophisticated style.

Complete your look with a great pair of shoes, either leather or suede. A pair of oxford brogues fit the bill perfectly.

Your Mannerisms

Your mannerisms form your character and this means you need to look at it and make it better. To get the classy tag, ensure courtesy is the order of the day around you. Carry yourself with respect while at the same time giving the same respect where due.

You can develop a reading culture to be informed and guide you in case you get into discussions on various subjects.

Your Possessions

Your possessions account for a small part of being classy but count. You can opt for collectibles such as antique and vintage items such as cars, art, clothing and many more. You can also have a personal library having a decent collection of books on interesting matters. However, without the proper character, you may own all these and still not get considered as classy.


In summary, classiness screams superiority of your character earning you respect and admiration from your peers in equal measure. To get the classy tag, start by checking your character down to your dressing style and ensure that you stand out in terms of style and sophistication.

Let courtesy be your driving force and be respectful always.