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FunPinPin Course: Things You Should Know About KOL Marketing

Advanced social media witnesses the blooming of on-line influencers, some called KOL. And KOL marketing has been widely applied at home and abroad and proved to impact brand construction positively.

As an experienced e-commerce site builder, FunPinPin has well-acknowledged the influence of KOL marketing and informed some Direct-To-Customers brands to harness the KOL marketing, which can give their brands great exposure overseas. So to catch up with the marketing trend, this passage will offer you some hints.

Basic Information About KOL Marketing

Before applying the strategy, you should have an essential understanding. And here are some basic information about KOL marketing and its benefits to brands.

What Is KOL Marketing

KOL, the abbreviation of Key Opinion Leader, is a marketing concept that is widely spread even outside the business world. It is a group of people who master accurate information about some products, trustworthy for a specific group of people, and therefore can influence their fans’ purchases. Regarded as the brand ambassador, a suitable KOL can drive up the excitement about a brand.

And KOL marketing, as its name suggests, is a strategy that leverages KOL’s influence and connects themselves with KOL to increase the selling and develop their brands.

Benefits to Brands

Nowadays, companies, big and small increasing budget on KOL management showcases their growing attention on the strategy. That is because the benefits of the strategy outweigh the additional cost, so what exactly can KOL marketing bring to a brand.

Rising the Conversion Rate

Achieving a high conversion rate has been a headache for many companies. Teaming up with KOL, your products can be promoted among a specific group of people and then extend to a wider range quickly. The effect is outstanding when cooperating with the leading KOL since they boast more fans from a wider spectrum of ages, genders, and interest groups. Therefore, many companies will cooperate with leading KOL on important shopping days like Double Eleven in China and Black Friday abroad.

Further Enhancing the Brand Awareness

Companies will choose KOL that gear with their brand concept, which is a way to impress people. For example, skin-care product manufacturers will choose people who are a professor in this field to add their expertise; high-tech gadget companies tend to select game YouTubers like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye to reveal their creativity. In this way, the online-shop platform can choose decorations apropos their brand concept and KOL’s images to enhance brand awareness.

Increase the Followers

After all, followers are proof of brands’ popularity and the root of brands to survive. Followers are potential buyers and walking advertisements for your products. The cooperation with the fitting KOL can bring your brands more targeted followers, affecting your brands profoundly.

Accumulate the Branding Materials

Promoting general awareness of a brand and increasing followers can attract more potential customers; therefore, they will facilitate following marketing employments and accumulate more branding materials for further popularizing.

Things to Consider in the KOL Marketing

You might have noticed that choosing the fitting or suitable KOL has been mentioned several times. A right KOL can benefit the brands in the long run, while a wrong one can damage the brand and cost more to repair the brand’s images. So what to consider in choosing the KOL?

Factors in Choosing the Proper KOL

First and foremost, the followers, not only the number but their engagement. For emerging brands, choosing KOL with a stronger community niche but fewer followers can be a better way to go. To nurture brand awareness, companies can start with a concrete step. After all, no one grows fat in one sitting.

Second, brand relevancy. Try to choose a more specific KOL since they have audiences with high potential to get to know your products. For the skin-care products, the 20-ish are more likely to accept the new brands than the 40-ish, so when choosing the KOL, they can choose the KOL whose primary audience stands between 20-30. 

And then the offline reputation. The fact that the audience will connect the brand with KOL, so the bad reputation of the KOL can also link with the brand images. Try to do careful research on them to cut the damage from happening.

How to Find the KOL

The initial way that costs the less is to do it yourself. Some KOL will leave their personal information in the self-introduction blank on social media. But it does take time and energy to do the background research.

The second way is to communicate with service. It can be more convenient to cooperate with the leading KOL. The service will provide useful information about the KOL and some marketing suggestions, which means a higher cost.

What Influence KOL’s Quotation

The number of followers

Do-it-themselves or work in a team

The term of the partnership

Price of the products

Marketing materials access rights (ownership and whether they can be stored for later use )

How to Measure the Outcome of the Cooperation

Two to three weeks after KOL posts the content, you can trace data like conversion rate, reviews, and audience number to evaluate the outcome of the cooperation and consider the possibility of second cooperation.


KOL marketing will be a powerful marketing strategy in a globalized world when social media seeps into every corner of our lives. So to know more about it is avail to nurture the brand. However, what is the platform for products to reveal from the beginning, definitively, the on-line shop platform, which is also the first and permanent KOL for your brand.

Where to find the professional e-commerce site builder, turn your head to FunPinPin. It is a website builder and a service provider that reduces your risk of doing business on-line. Providing attractive and user-friendly websites, FunPinPin has a clear sense of how to maintain customers’ first impression of the brand since it has a background in marketing. 

Feel free to reach out to FunPinPin if you are interested in their quality services.

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