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Football vs Cricket: What Do Indians Prefer in Fact?

A popular discussion among all sports fans not just in India but all across the world is cricket vs football: which is more interesting? Another frequently debated topic is the popularity of cricket and football. Cricket and football are both widely liked and followed across the world, spawning numerous teams and massive fan bases. In a country of 1.3 billion people, we have an inclination to associate ourselves with a certain sport, in this case, cricket, which has no doubt provided us with endless moments of pride but has also hampered the growth of other sports.

The popularity of Cricket and Football in India

When comparing the support and fan following of football against cricket in India, cricket has a tremendous lead. The supporters are fanatical about this sport, and their love for their individual teams can be evident in the chanting and painted faces that can be seen throughout the stadium.

With the launch of the Indian Super League in recent years, football has also been gaining a fan base of its own. Indian football was not as popular as it is now, thanks to the Super League. The establishment of the ISL has brought to light the country’s extremely skilled players.

Indian football is still in its early stages and has yet to attain its full potential. Cricket is already a full-fledged sport that is widely available. So, when it comes to fan support and popularity in India, cricket takes the lead, but football isn’t far behind. On a global basis, though, football undoubtedly has a larger fan following.

Cricket in India

Cricket has been embedded in Indian culture. Although hockey is India’s national sport, cricket has a large following base in the country. Cricket is one of India’s greatest cultures, with a large number of ardent enthusiasts. ‘Men in Blue’ is one of the most well-known words used by the country’s crazed cricket fans to refer to their national cricket team.

Cricket has captivated almost every Indian, whether a school-age youngster or a retired senior person. People plan out all of their activities, travel arrangements, leaves, and so on with the timetable of some excellent matches in mind. Cricket is also the easiest way to make friends with Indians. Regardless of where one is in India, one may find youngsters playing cricket with vigour and passion.

India has produced a few outstanding cricketing superstars who have made significant contributions by setting individual records in cricket history. Legends such as Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, and others have contributed to the game’s illustrious history. Some exceptional talents, such as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and others, have shown the people of India its gleaming present, indicating that cricket has a bright future in India. It would be unethical to overlook the greatest of all legends. You guessed right, it’s Sachin Tendulkar. It has become a widespread saying that if cricket is a religion, Sachin is the living God of it.

Football in India

The Indian Super League (ISL) for football is currently building a name for itself in India. Although the game has long been popular in some areas and segments of society, the league has brought it to the attention of the general public.

Indian football superstars have captivated the hearts of millions of people throughout the country. Bhaichung Bhutia, our former Indian captain, has affected his followers both on and off the field. Sunil Chhetri, the current captain, has also gone on to perform miracles in football, becoming the second-highest international goalscorer after worldwide sensation Cristiano Ronaldo.

If there is one sport that Indian cricketers like playing other than cricket, it is football, the world’s most popular sport. You’ve probably seen cricketers play football during their warm-up exercises. The fast-paced sport is not only useful as a warm-up before a match, but it is also an excellent way to improve a player’s agility and flexibility. Playing football before a game promotes team bonding because all of the players will be playing at the same time. It also enhances a player’s basic instincts and game presence.

Football, possibly the most popular sport on the planet, generates a lot of revenue for the online betting industry. While people experiment with various betting tactics, the greatest way to make money from football betting is to stay educated.

Betting strategies

Begin with small bets

When you first start betting on sports, consider how much money you want to put aside for a bankroll. Set this aside and don’t use it for anything else but sports betting. Divide this figure by 100, and place wagers no larger than this figure as you learn how to enhance your performance.

Focus on a small area

Instead of betting on everyone and everything, focusing on one subject gives you a higher chance of identifying winners. Instead of betting on games from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA, start with just one.

Recognize home team bias

In all sports, the home team wins more than the visiting squad. The precise percentages vary from sport to sport and season to season, but it is visible in all disciplines. Most people are aware of this through watching games, but few are aware of how it affects the sports betting audience. You must grasp what home team bias is and how it might negatively impact your sports betting outcomes.

Do not place a bet on your favorite team

The chances are that your first wager on a sporting event involves your favourite team. Many sports bettors continue to wager on their favourite team because they root for them and want to make money when they win.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s not how to be a successful sports bettor. If you want to earn money betting on sports, you must be able to see events and teams objectively.

Avoid risky sports

Most sports bettors never consider the prospect of a game being rigged, although it does happen on occasion. Some sports results are more difficult to stage than others, but not being aware of the possibilities might cost you money.

Individual sports, such as tennis and golf, are the simplest to set up. It just takes one person to change the outcomes in a way that benefits the initiator. Team sports are harder to manipulate, although basketball has a track record of rigging games.


So, cricket or football? Both, in our opinion. We may make as many comparisons about the popularity as we want, but we can’t dispute that both games are very competitive and entertaining to watch. The discussion about one being superior to the other will never end. It’s a guarantee that if you’re looking for some action-packed, nail-biting competition, neither will let you down. If we, as fans, show our unwavering support for the athletes in both sports, we will undoubtedly see a bright future for our country in sports. In addition, in-play bets are becoming rather popular in India. On Parimatch, you can place bets before the match or live (in-play).

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