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Fold-Out Gadgets: Every Parent’s Summer Essentials

With summer in full swing, we parents are finding ourselves lugging around diaper bags, heavy portable cribs, and red wagons full of every possible thing you could need for your family outings.

While we can’t eliminate the need for the seemingly never-ending supply of baby items, we can lend some advice on some fold-out gadgets that can simplify your summer and, literally, lighten your load. Take a look!

Grocery Shopping Simplified

Every parent has experienced the struggle of trying to figure out how to get your little one in a shopping cart. Keeping baby safe and comfortable while also leaving space for your groceries can prove to be a difficult feat. Consider looking into a shopping cart car seat holder. Help baby stay snug and relaxed, either in the car seat or strapped into the car seat hammock, while maintaining optimum shopping cart space.

Portable Changing Pad

We’ve all been there—baby has a blowout, and the bathroom at the restaurant doesn’t have a changing pad. Hopefully, you have a blanket in the diaper bag to lay on the floor so that you can change your baby’s diaper, but what if you don’t? Investing in a portable changing pad meansyou’re prepared for that sticky situation, creating an ever clean space to change those diapers, as well as lending peace of mind.

Safe Sleep On The Go

Do you find yourself dragging a portable crib with you wherever you go with your little one? Not only is it heavy and cumbersome, but it’s a pain to set up and take down.

Depending on what stage your baby is in, a small foldable travel bed could significantly simplify your child’s sleeping arrangements while traveling. Find one that’s compact and easily folds, making things that much easier for you. Be sure to also take a minute to read the safety instructions for whatever bed you choose to use for your baby to sleep in.

Something For You

Whether you find yourself taking the family to the park, the beach, the lake, a family gathering, or a fireworks show, you’re going to find yourself parked in one place to “man the camp”. Invest in some high-quality folding lawn chairs to take your comfort to the next level. Finding one that is lightweight and easy to carry and store will pay off in the long run, so be sure to look for the style that works best for you!

As you get ready for your upcoming summer adventures, take a moment to consider what could be simplified. Is there something that you can trade out to make less space or save you some time? Above all, make sure you are able to create a space where you can enjoy these special days with your family.