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Expert Advice in Choosing the Best Laundry Room Countertop

Forget about dark and drab laundry rooms. These days, the laundry room is also getting more attention. They are no longer confined in the basement like what our moms used to have. We are spending so much time doing our laundry, why not spruce it up?

Modern laundry rooms are on the major floor areas of the house and they are equipped with the best countertops. Like your kitchen, the laundry room can have them in different materials—including those made with recycling materials. If you want to be familiar with countertops made from recycling materials and their pros and cons, click here.

If you are designing a new laundry room, you might want to take the countertop game to a new level. There are a number of materials to choose from. You can have it in durable granite, slate, or quartz.

The options are unlimited but before making that choice, let us weigh your options first. Here is what an expert says about choosing the best laundry room countertop.

Ideal Countertop for the Laundry

What makes the best laundry room countertop?

Your laundry room is one of the most important places in your home. It is filled with your dirty laundry, tools, shoes, and toys, sometimes ending up as an additional storage space.

With this heavy load, the materials we should use in our laundry room countertop should be able to endure the daily grind. If your kids are frequently placing their bags, toys, and what-they-haves on top of your laundry room countertop, it should have a natural stone. But there are of course other materials that would suit the room’s needs, which we will discuss at length later.

Low Maintenance is the Best

When thinking about the type of countertop that will be excellent for your laundry room, think about your material. The countertop material should suit your lifestyle. It should not be something that would take much of your time to maintain.

You should not install a delicate countertop that would be too difficult to maintain. What you need is a laundry room countertop that is low maintenance, easy to clean, but does not sacrifice the aesthetics of your carefully designed laundry.

Before choosing the countertop, you must ask yourself these questions:

  • How much space shall I allocate for the countertop?
  • Will it be seen by guests? If yes, how often?

These questions will help lead you to the right countertop material for your lifestyle, design preferences, and budget. Although the laundry room is not a very visible area in your house, it should still have a cohesive look.

Experts agree that the best laundry room material should be made from a durable yet affordable material.

Best Laundry Room Countertop Materials

Having a full laundry means you can have a countertop space. For those who have sorted and folded their clothes over tables, beds, and other flat surfaces, you will appreciate a smooth and flat surface that is dedicated only to your clothing. Which countertop material is the best? Here are some of the options.


Laminate countertops top our list as the most common type of material for the countertop inside the laundry room. This is no surprise because the material is not expensive. It creates a smooth and seamless surface, ideal for folding clothes.

Since it is inexpensive, you can expect much durability from this material. It can flake, peel or chip. You should not cut directly into it and you should not leave a hot iron on top and singe the laminate. It also has a limited lifespan, especially when serving a larger family. The colors may fade, and you may have to change them along the way.

What it lacks in durability, it compensates for its aesthetic value. Laminate countertops can come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. There are even premium-grade laminates with beautiful graphics.

Acrylic or Polyester

This type of countertop comes with a solid surface with invisible and flat seams. It is ideal for folding and sorting clothes but not for ironing.

A solid surface countertop is made from acrylic or polyester. These materials are prone to damage when they come in contact with glues, acetones, thinners, and ketones. They are easily scratched and deformed when exposed to high temperatures.

Aesthetic-wise, it can complement any look you are aiming for. It can come in a wide array of colors and designs. Some are close to quartz countertops in appearance. If you are aiming for a stylish countertop with a moderate price point, this type of countertop would be perfect for you.


Another option for your laundry room countertop is made from ceramic. However, many homeowners find it cumbersome because of the seams and grouting. It can get in the way when folding clothing. This can be remedied when you are not using the countertop solely for folding.

The good thing about ceramic tiles is they can handle hot iron well. Although it is durable and can last longer. It can easily crack or chip. This type of countertop has a limited aesthetic value too. But it is heavy-duty. It can accommodate large containers of detergent and other items.


It looks like granite but it’s not. Quartz is man-made stone countertops that are excellent for your laundry area. It has a smooth, flat, and seam-free surface, ideal when working with clothing. Quartz is very durable and will look sleek and luxurious.

Everything about quartz makes it ideal as a countertop for laundry rooms with one exception, its price. It may be expensive, but a well-maintained quartz countertop can last for more than 25 years.


Some homeowners prefer wood countertops for their aesthetics, especially if going for a rustic theme. It is durable but may get burnt by a hot iron. Wood is moderately priced and can be installed by avid DIYers. You can expect it to last for decades as long as you keep them sealed and dry.


While the different laundry room countertops can have their pros and cons, experts recommend getting something that could withstand the heavy use of your laundry rooms. It should be perfect for your aesthetics and yet affordable, but with good value for money.

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