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Choosing Roman Shades/How to choose Roman Shades

Every house owner knows how important it is to choose the right window treatments. Shades, drapes, window coverage’s and other window treatment are essential for many reasons. While we all agree on the fact that our windows need coverage, there’s another step to take. Choosing the window treatment depends on a lot of things.

You might be the kind of person who loves the soft and smooth texture on drapes. And it’s understandable. Such material is easy on eyes and skin. But in some cases, soft and smooth materials don’t go with the design and the architecture. Take a look at your window arrangement and their sizes. If they are high, rectangular-formed and odd in sizes, it would be better for practical and visual appearance to treat your windows with Roman shades.

In this guide, we will be talking about choosing Roman shades. We will discuss why should you choose Roman shades, and how do you choose one? This guide will help you determine the best window treatment for your taste and your budget.

See if Roman shades suit you and you suit the Roman shades

  •  Are your windows difficult to reach? Or maybe they are odd sized?

In this case, Roman shades are great for you and your windows. They come with the remote control so that you won’t have to reach the highest points and difficult-to-reach areas.

  •  Do you want to have a window treatment that’s neutral and less feminine?

Some people like more neutral look for the design. If you are one of those people, Roman shades can give your windows a completely neutral and streamlined look.

  •  Is the window in a small room? Is the room ceiling height really low?

In such cases, Roman shades would be the best suit for you. If the window is located in a small room with a low ceiling, you should go with the Roman shades. They don’t take up too much space. They are practically the size of the window.

  •  Do you have any pets or children?

If the answer is yes and your pets or children are known for grabbing hanging stuff and tearing the drapes apart, then Roman shades can save you from constant window treatment substitution.

Choosing the material and style

Once you determine that your best suit for window treatment are Roman shades, you can start thinking about the other details. Another big decision is selecting the material and of course, the style.

If you want a more natural and long-term material that will withstand the time, you can go with linen, cotton or woven wood. Choose the shade while looking at its’ fully down position on the window. You can choose from the plain fold, soft fold, flat fold, Swag, relaxed (European), and tie style. These are the available style options, so you have a great choice. And after you decide on material and style, you can add detail or change it a little bit.

Once the style and the fabric are behind us, you can decide whether you want the shades with liners or not. Privacy liners, blackout liners, and thermal liners are popular among house owners. The choice is yours, and it depends on how you want to improve your home’s efficiency.

What type of Roman shades do your windows need?

You are now convinced that you need the Roman shades. You have chosen the material, style, and even added a few details. It’s time to choose the type of shades.

Let’s start with choosing the type of mount. There are two choices, and they are pretty simple. Some people prefer an inside mount. It means that the shades will be mounted within the window frames. The second one, outside mount, mounts the shades on the surrounding walls. Always go for an inside mount if the window frame is deep enough.

Now it’s time to choose the type of lift. A lot of people like the old-fashioned cord lift that opens and closes the shades. You need to choose the type of the cord, and the side that it’s going to hang, right, left, outside or inside? If you would like to go with the cordless option, we advise choosing a remote. You can easily access your shades from a distance and don’t bother with the cord.

Where to find Roman shades?

You are already so interested that you started looking for places to find Roman shades. One of the best things you could do is to order custom shades. Some services that offer individual treatment for windows. You can choose the material, style and everything else all by your taste. Or buy ready shades from window accessories shop and online shops. You can go through the selected versions over here and see what you like. This list gives you a detailed description of the shades, but some people prefer to see them in real life. In that case, visit shops that offer a variety of window treatment types.

If you decide to go with the ready shades, you can save the time on scrolling through their website and ask them for ready templates, popular lists, and your filtered versions.

Choosing a window treatment is essential. You can make or break the room with them. This guide will be able to help you with updating the design, decorating a new house or planning for the future. Follow the guidelines, answer the questions and choose the right treatment for your window. This is how we choose Roman shades.