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Best Designer Tote Bags Worth Investing in 2022

Designer bags are an expensive investment, so finding the ideal designer bag to purchase is a difficult task! A high-end luxury bag must be sturdy and functional. It should also have one you will love for a long time. A reliable tote bag is among my favourite bags since they’re practical, hassle-free, and roomy. Check out this article for the top designer bags worth investing in.

Finding the Right Tote Bag

First of all, the most crucial factor when choosing a professional-looking yet stylish tote bag is durability. The materials and the craftsmanship are essential. You do not want to run through town with a backpack that isn’t able to bear the weight of the necessities and fall to someone else at the untimeliest moment.

A high quality designer tote made by the top available handbag brands might cost a lot, but think of the bag as an investment. Their craftsmanship is excellent and won’t let you down. For those living in a wet environment prone to walking, it might be worth considering a waterproof nylon fabric. Another aspect to take into consideration is the size. Size is a factor in this particular instance.

While you may need a large bag to meet your needs, a big tote could be difficult to carry around, particularly when taking public transportation. If you’re not taller than six feet, it’s not just going to appear ridiculous, but you’ll be hurting within minutes.

The Best Tote Bags

Dior Book Tote Bag

The top spot on the list is no surprise since it is the most sought-after designer tote bag of the moment; it is the Dior Book tote bag. Since the launch of the Dior Book Tote bag back in the collection of Summer 2018 season, it has been a bestseller Dior for women piece since. The Book Tote bag was initially designed in Italy and is available in various colours, fabrics, and sizes. It is the ideal backpack or travel bag. It also doubles as a general tote bag.

This Dior Book Tote is practical and fashionable. Undoubtedly, it has earned its position in the top ten most stylish designer bags you can invest in.

Saint Laurent Shopping Leather Tote Bag

Its Saint Laurent Shopping Tote is an excellent minimalist and stylish bag that can hold every essential item for your office, including laptops, the shoes you’re wearing, and even a makeup bag.

Made from black textured leather, this bag also has an adjustable pouch where you can keep your small items or coins inside. It’s an ideal everyday bag to work in or as an in-flight carry-on. Consider an organizer if you’re not a big fan of just one compartment. This bag is among my picks of top designer bags.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

This is the most well-known and appreciated tote of all time. It has the iconic Louis Vuitton design; it is as versatile as they come. Inside is a spacious zippered pocket to store your belongings and close with a clasp attached to the top.

The remainder of the bag is spacious enough to give you the ability to arrange it according to your preferences. The flat Pichette can be used as an extra thing to store small items like your lipstick or even your key fob and is also a great option by itself while you’re out and about.

Mulberry Bayswater Tote

This tote made of leather is designed well for woman who is organized. The high-end quality of the materials can endure the test of time while also being elegantly timeless. The size is sufficient for the 13-inch laptop or iPad. It also comes with an open pocket that can be used to carry the size of your phone as well as your wallet.

Gucci Large GG Marmont 2.0 Tote

This beautiful leather work bag will quickly become an after-hours necessity. The bag is bound to be noticed with its gorgeously made vintage design, well-known GG, and metal strap. Its zipper is a nice advantage.

Goyard Tote Bag

Another designer bag that has earned its place at the top of our list is the Goyard Tote Bag. The Goyard Tote bag is renowned for its quality sewing, high-end material, and exceptionally light. The classic, the large tote bag is made with care and is certainly a product worth purchasing. This Goyard tote is frequently considered similar to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull because of the same shape and size.

In contrast to other major designer brands, Goyard is more similar to Hermes in that there is a lot of mystery about the brand. With just a few locations within the US and globally, Goyard has maintained its appeal and focuses on the craftsmanship of its quality products. Goyard’s products have maintained their value through the decades.

Givenchy Black Wing Shopping Tote

This bag is stylish and practical thanks to its minimalist design. It is a classic. The slim silhouette creates a sense of class, and the internal zippered pouch is helpful for all the important items you’ll want to store in one spot.