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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Remodeling your floor systems can do wonders for your home or building maintenance. Rooms with high foot traffic can often wear out surfaces pretty easily and would require constant maintenance and repairs. As such, you might want to get something a lot more durable. Epoxy floors can provide that durability as well as grant a certain elegance to the room at a reasonable cost. With the right epoxy flooring contractor, you can install the most durable and most beautiful epoxy floors Fort Worth contractors can provide.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

You can think of epoxy as a resin that gets added to a concrete floor as a coating layer. While some construction projects use it as an adhesive, it can also be the final layer of floor coating on its own. Epoxy is composed of an epoxide resin (which can either be clear or colored) mixed with a polyamine hardener. Once this hardens, you get an extremely tough durable layer of thick epoxy flooring. 

What Can Epoxy Flooring Add to Your Home?

There are many great benefits to hiring an epoxy company to redo your flooring. Durability is often considered to be its greatest selling point, but there is more to epoxy floors than that.

Multiple Layers of Protection

Your flooring system will most likely face a lot of wear and tear from various sources. Epoxy flooring is durable and stable enough to withstand these potential damages. An epoxy layer can effectively protect the concrete below in various ways.

  • Epoxy is extremely impact-resistant. Untreated concrete floors can often chip and break when a heavy enough object is dropped on them. With an epoxy coating, it will take a significant amount of weight and force to break it apart. Dropping tools, furniture toppling over, and other household or industrial accidents will unlikely ruin your epoxy flooring.
  • Chemicals and efflorescence can build up on most flooring systems. This can be attributed in part to spills or tracked onto the floor through shoes or car tires. Road salt can be particularly damaging to concrete and cause corrosion while various liquids can leave ugly lasting stains on the surface. An epoxy coating can prevent these damages from leaking into the concrete.
  • An epoxy-coated flooring is extremely water-resistant because it practically seals the pores on the surface of the concrete. It is able to resist staining and distortion due to liquids being unable to soak into the floor. 
  • Epoxy flooring can be easily treated to reduce or even prevent accidents from slipping. Water is often retained on the surface until removed via cleaning. However, with the right coatings and treatments by your chosen epoxy flooring contractor, you’ll have a more stable footing during the occasional wet floor situation.
  • Epoxy is also highly heat resistant, with standard epoxy materials withstanding up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is extremely beneficial for kitchens, garages, and industrial buildings that consistently deal with high temperatures.

Easier Maintenance

Thanks to its water-resistant properties, epoxy flooring is a lot easier to maintain than most flooring systems. With regular cleaning, your floor can look as good as new quite readily. There won’t be much fuss and additional chemical solutions for cleaning since mopping with soap and water will often suffice. It is also seamless, unlike tile and wooden flooring so there’s no grout and other small spaces that require more attention.

Cleaner and Safer Environment 

Concrete and wood are porous materials making them susceptible to retaining moisture. This can produce bacteria and mold as time goes by. It can also negatively impact people in the area after prolonged or consistent exposure. Due to its high resistance to water, it’s unlikely that your flooring will retain moisture.

Aesthetic Appeal

Epoxy is highly customizable with the use of colored coats, decorative flaking as well as additional protective clear coats. This allows for varying aesthetics that can provide a glossy or metallic look to your flooring surface. The only real downside is that darker color options can make debris, dirt, and dust easier to see so you might end up cleaning it often. The resulting design can also add to your property value and make a great impression on potential buyers.

Cost-Effective Installation

Wood and concrete flooring options often take a lot of additional expenses for upkeep and maintenance. Every now and then you might even need to spend on replacements.  Due to its durability and relatively low maintenance, you won’t be spending as much on repairs for epoxy flooring. It will practically be a permanent fixture unless you actively remodel the area to remove it.

Adding an epoxy flooring can do wonders for your property. With further treatments, you can have one of the best epoxy floors Fort Worth contractors are able to install. You can take advantage of all these perks too as soon as you get in touch with a trusted epoxy flooring contractor

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