Friday, April 23, 2021

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Are You Really a Sports Fan If You are Not Doing These Things?

What makes a sports fan a true fan? Find out here whether you are genuinely a fan of your favorite team or a “fraud”.

Those who aren’t hooked on sports think of sports fan as a rare breed of humans. They live, breathe, bleed, partake in sport betting and even work for their favorite teams. It doesn’t matter how many fourth-quarter their team loses or how many last-second shots they have to endure, and true sports fans will always come back in tribune to show their support.

On the other hand, there are the “fans” who, you’ve guessed it, are fans in name only. They go to games just for fun but only to take pictures for their social media friends, they stop liking a team after it loses one match, and they also often live even before the game ends to avoid the crowd.

Not sure if you are a real fan? Here’s what true sports fans do:

Stay until the game is over

If you are not staying until the very last second of the game, sorry to say this, but you may be more of a “fan” than a true one.

If you are a real fan, you will show support to your favorite team until the very last millisecond, no matter if your team is winning or losing. There have been lots of times when teams either lost or won a game just one second before the referee blown the whistle. And, as a faithful supporter of your team, you’ll want to be there no matter the result.

Bet on your favorite sports team

Being a true fan makes watching sports an exercise of pure emotion. You go through all possible emotions in just a few dozens of minutes, including yelling your lungs out, screaming at the ref, or invoking your good luck charm. And, most of these emotions are also running wild when watching a game thanks to sport betting.

When you bet that your favorite team is going to win, you are a real fan of your team. Plus, let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than
winning a bet when watching rivalry games.

Accept criticism about your favorite team

Despite what you may think, accepting criticism about your favorite team, and being able to criticize it, doesn’t make you less of a real fan. Unless, obviously, your team honestly didn’t do anything wrong and it lost the game due to bad luck.

Those who are ready to blame the referee for all their team’s mistakes aren’t really true fans who want to see their team grow and improve.

Feel sad when your team loses the game

Now, we’re not saying that seeing your favorite team losing a game should lead to depression to show what real of a fan you are. However, if you see your team losing an important match and go home without feeling at least a little bit sad, you went there only for fun but didn’t genuinely pour out your soul into the game.

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