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7 Steps to Find Residential Cleaners Based in Perth

Finding the right residential cleaner in Perth can be a difficult task. Whether you are looking for professional movers, house cleaning services or general contractors, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But with our list of seven steps, finding qualified professionals will be easy!

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional cleaner, we’re here to tell you it’s well worth the price tag. And with adequate research, you can find an affordable service that will fit your needs. 

A clean office or home is not only more hygienic, but can dramatically boost productivity for your household members or employees!

Here are four other reasons to hire a residential cleaner:

Save time: Hiring a residential cleaner allows you to free up your valuable time to focus on more important matters.

Peace of mind: We can’t always get things done with busy work schedules and family commitments. But when you hire a residential cleaner, you’ll rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of.

A clean home: We know this one might seem obvious, but the peace of mind comes from knowing your house is being cleaned right down to the last detail!

So without further ado, lets go over the necessary steps to hire a cleaner based in Perth:

Step One: Determine your Budget and Know What You Need

Before you begin to search for residential cleaners based in Perth, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it! If you’re on the fence about spending money, we suggest hiring just a one-time service. This will allow you to see first-hand what goes into deep cleanings and give you an idea of how often they might need done in the future. After that initial trial run, reevaluate and decide if this is something that fits within your budget!

Knowing what cleaning services are required will also greatly help your search. Do you need a general clean or deep clean? Do they use normal cleaning products containing harsh chemicals or are natural alternatives available like essential oils?

 Perhaps you require an emergency cleaning service in case unexpected guests decide to come over. Finding these answers will help you find the right service and cleaning company.

A little extra tip: Negotiate with cleaners so prices are as low as possible given their experience level and quality standards. You want someone who can do high-quality work at affordable rates – not vice versa! Be open about your budget, and don’t be afraid to negotiate a little – you might get lucky!

Step Two: Find a cleaner

Now comes the fun part – finding cleaners in Perth! There are numerous sources online that can help find you a service, which include:

Business Listings – These are basically online phone books for business services, some sources include Yelp, Yellow Pages and FourSquare.

Google – I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but it’s a great place to start! Simply type “residential cleaning services” into your search engine and see what pops up.

In-House Referrals – If you have family or friends who have been using a service, ask them for a referral!

Referral Websites – Some websites have databases of residential cleaners in Perth. These sites allow you to search by area or name and make your life easier when it comes time to find someone! It’s important to do due diligence with these services, so be sure to check their reviews and see what other people think of them!

Step Three: Narrow down your list.

Now that you have many residential cleaners in Perth, it’s time to narrow your list down based on price and quality. We suggest doing this by filtering through the services with these steps:

Price – Based on your budget, filter cleaners in the price range you can afford. Make price comparisons with your selected few. 

Reviews – See what other customers have to say about cleaners and how they handled their transactions.

Aesthetic – Does the cleaner’s website look professional? Do they offer a decent selection of services at affordable prices? You want someone who is transparent and makes it easy for you to do business with them!

Step Four: Make sure they’re insured.

The last thing you want is something bad to happen while one of your cleaners was working on site. That’s why we highly recommend ensuring they’ve got workers compensation insurance before hiring anyone – no matter how great a reputation seems online!

Since residential cleaners are considered subcontractors, they should have workers compensation insurance to pay for expenses in the event they have an accident on-site.  

Step Five: Set up an interview/consultation appointment

Once you’ve filtered your list down to a few services that fit within your budget and interests, set up an appointment to meet with one representative from each service (possibly more if it’s a tough choice!). 

First, ask the cleaner some questions about their experience. What sets them apart from other cleaners in Perth? Can they guarantee a certain level of satisfaction based on previous jobs that have been completed for others?

Also ask some deep-dive questions to ensure you’re comfortable with having this person work at your home or office! Did someone else give them the ok to work there? Do they have any special certifications needed to complete the job at hand? How long will it take them to get started? etc

If you have specific jobs that need done like the removal of animal hair, ask whether they are equipped to handle this type of work. Animal hair can cause eye irritation and sneezing, so it’s best to inform your cleaner before their arrival. 

Step Six: Make your decision

After interviewing all of your cleaners, pick one! Then be sure to sign a contract so both parties know the requirements and expectations in the future!

Step Seven: Sit back and relax

Now that you have your cleaner, the only thing left to do is sit back and relax while they clean up after everyone in your household! We bet this will be a breath of fresh air for yourself as well as anyone else who uses their services – so enjoy it!

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