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5 Famous Parks in Barcelona

When you go to a vacation abroad, you want to make the best of it and go back home feeling like you haven’t missed anything. You want to get a feel from every place, and if you’re into parks, you may be able to visit all of the best ones during your stay.

It may be a challenge to find the best ones, though. However, this article did the job for you, and has the information you need. So, after using the Barcelona airport transfers and getting some rest after a long road, it’s time to visit these parks the next days!

Parc del Laberint

If you’re going with your partner, this would be a great way to spend the time. Parc del Labering gives a very romantic vibe, and it once belonged to a wealthy family. It is the oldest garden in Barcelona and, for a while it server as a center for cultural events until being handed over to the city.

If you visit, you will be able to see the family’s palace, but you could also see sculptures and fountains inspired by the Greek Mythology. Also, why would you miss some peace under the shade of a Mediterranean garden with flowerbeds and a waterfall?

Parc del Clot

Would you like to play some ping pong while relaxing in a beautiful park? In that case, Park del Clot has what you’re looking for. It has the tables, but it also has green spaces and a small lake where you could just sit for some silence and relaxation. The park is welcoming from everyone: dogs, children, adults, sportsmen and many others.

Diagonal Mar Park

As the second biggest park in Barcelona, this unique place showcases structures and urban shapes that were once the home of the Macosa factory.
The zigzag bridge Gateway Lake is a feast to the eyes, and the steel sculptures and geometric architecture in the children’s playground are pleasant to look at. If you are in a family trip, this place could make perfect for a relaxing and unique daytrip.

Parque Güell

This park will introduce you to the world of a fairy tale – literally. With gingerbread-looking houses, colorful animal figures and columns that resemble trees, this park makes for a unique daytrip. It has become a main tourist attraction, so there will be many other people at the destination. However, it’s worth it – you will walk through a garden of palm trees and see scenic views that meet the ocean in the distance.

L’Oreneta park Barcelona

This destination will be great for a family day trip. Your children will love it, as after a picnic, they could see the ponies and go for a miniature train ride. Also, if you want to engage in more activities, there are also ping pong tables, so don’t hesitate to join some games.

Final Thoughts

Barcelona has a lot to offer in terms of parks, in order to ensure your trip is a successful one. If you decide to visit the country, all you have to do is take the airport taxis Barcelona, get some rest at the hotel, and you can visit the parks the next day.

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