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10 best Magnetic Drawing Boards for kids

Does your kid draw on tables, chairs, books and other available materials? Then, it is time to consider buying them a magnetic drawing board.

Magnetic drawing boards, in recent times, have become a great and useful choice to bring out kids’ artistic creativity. It is an excellent and neat way of creating their art and more drawing works. The best magnetic board is one that suits the artistic needs of kids to unleash  their imagination and creativity. 

Therefore, in this eye-opening article, we have listed 10 best magnetic drawing boards to influence your buying choice.

1. SGILE Magnetic Drawing Board

This magnetic drawing board is recommended for  3 years and above with a frame size of 12.5 x 16.5 inches.

This BPA-free plastic SGILE magnetic drawing board is a popular option because it is a quality doodle pad that kids can use for a long period even when it is mishandled by them. There are 8 color zones with four total colors  and its 8 by 10-inch drawing area is sizable. On the board is an easy-to-glide eraser and the  pen is secured with a string. The curvy design in the handle helps kids to have a tight grip as they carry it from one place to another.

2. Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board

Wellchild magnetic drawing board is recommended for ages 3 and above. It has a frame size of 7.5 x 10.4 inches which makes it a  smaller, more compact size. This  drawing board is a  4 by 6 inches display which makes a fantastic option for little artistes. 

Also, there is a cute and  adorable drawstring carrying bag attached to it. It has four color drawing zones, a pen and  three magnetic stamps with side holders. This magnetic drawing board is made of BPA-free plastic with a sliding eraser. It is one of the cheapest drawing boards out there. Lightweight, small and easy to use and you can  keep erasing as you draw.

3. Gamenote Extra Large Magnetic Drawing Board

Gamenote Drawing boards can be used by kids of ages 3 and above. It comes in a frame size of 13 x 18 inches and an extra-large 8.5 by 11.5-inch drawing space. This  magnetic drawing board provides kids tons of surface area to doodle, draw, and be creative. 

It has four colors across eight zones, an easy-to-use sliding eraser and  two pens: one attached to the board with string and a second as a replacement. This board gives a treasure trove of accessories which are; five fruit stamper magnets, six stencils, and two cute stickers for kids to work with.  

Kids can write in a solid line and  draw in a rainbow. The stamps are a big plus and the  size is large which makes it easy  to create a masterpiece.

4. VTech Write And Learn Creative Center

This is an  Interactive Device That teaches Kids To Draw 70+ Letters & Objects. It is a great tool for ages 3 and beyond as it has a 12 x 14 inches frame size. The 6- by 8-inch drawing pad produces a gray color and does offer plenty of other standout features. There is  an attached pen and two stamps, a handle and eight stencils.

Image: ClipartWorld

The outstanding part is that the gadget doubles as a battery-operated mini computer  because two AA demo replaceable batteries are included. The drawing board can be used to play music and teach shapes as there are step-by-step instructions. The lessons help kids learn to write letters and even program the spelling of their own name (which you program in). This is a valuable resource for kids in their early reading years and helps them to get comfortable with writing.

5. Play22 Magnetic Drawing Board

This is a Magnetic Beadboard that kids of all ages will love to use. It is a  10 by 12 inches frame that kids can use to create pictures as well as stimulate their sense of touch and boost hand-eye coordination.

There are a  handful of idea cards that can be used alongside  their own imagination. Kids can take the standalone pen to pull the hundreds of metal beads to the surface and use it to create images. They can erase the images  by pushing the beads back down with their fingers. The metal pieces make the board a bit noisy when using it but worth using on  drawing letters and other artistic works. 

Above all, this magnetic drawing board is sturdy, encourages imaginative play, amore engaging than just the use of  paper and pencil and crayons.

6. KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet

This is an LCD Drawing Board that erases with the touch of a button. The KOKODI tablet writing tablet is a high-tech version of a magnetic drawing board that utilizes a 6.8 by 9.8-inch LCD screen. It allows  for crisp, precise drawing when using it because of how  simple but neat it is. The attached  pen  is used loose or with an optional string that tethers it to the board and writes in vibrant rainbow colors across the screen. 

More so,  the screen erases with the click of a button. It has an  option of sliding a lock button when kids aren’t finished with their drawing activities. It gives up to six month of battery life without recharging. There is a coin battery to be used as a refill.  It can be used to practice  letters, shapes and numbers as well as doodling.

7. Jasonwell Kids Drawing Pad

Jasonwell Kids Drawing board is a battery-powered LCD board. It offers a smooth drawing experience and helps kids create a multicolor design on a black background on the screen. 

The flexible, pressure-sensitive screen can be used to  record thin or thick lines. The  sturdy plastic frame is able to absorb shock to prevent damage of any sort. Kids can lock the screen to keep their design to prevent new marks or erasing.  

8. Cra-Z-Art Original Magna Doodle

Cra-Z-Art Original Magna Doodle is a great tool for doodling. This magnetic drawing board includes four stamps in highly usable shapes which are; a triangle, a square, a circle, and a star options. Kids can easily slide the eraser across the screen when involved in their drawing activities. The  magnetic pen is attached to the board with a cord which holds it firmly  to prevent losing it. The stamps are harmful and can be a  possible choking hazard for very young kids. Therefore, kids should be properly guided on how to use the stamps.

9. Sunany LCD Writing Tablet

The Sunany LCD board is a good drawing tablet. This product has a screen measuring 8.6 by 5.4 inches and weighs less than 6 ounces which makes it easy to be carried around or taken anywhere. Also, the compact stylus  can be clicked  into a slot on the frame to keep it secured . 

The  drawing experience is awesome as  the stylus glides smoothly and easily across the colorful board. With only one-click the erase button is fuss free. The magnetic back enables you to display your favorite drawing.

10. Lollipop Baby Shark Magnetic Drawing Board

The truth is that kids of all ages love Baby Shark. The Lollipop Baby Shark magnetic board is a popular one among kids. It enables seamless drawing using a stylus pen, three stamps and  lovely shapes. The sliding eraser is smooth and clears the slate in one click. Kids can draw in color and this promotes enthusiasm and creativity.

Dear visitors, I hope you have been enlightened with this post. Don’t hesitate to share this knowledge to your friends and family. Enjoy!

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