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Why Your Business Needs a POS Display

If you’ve been to a supermarket recently (which we wager you have), you’ll have seen a point-of-sale, or POS, display – you potentially may have even picked something up from one of these displays on the way to the checkout. These displays are specifically placed in areas where customers will see or interact with them, such as just before or during the checkout process. They’ll typically contain things that promote impulse purchases, such as promotional items, confectionary or magazines, rather than big ticket items. But why would you need one if you have a business that is already successful? Read on as we take a look at a few reasons why POS displays are so effective in selling.

Placement is everything

POS displays are more than a way to influence people walking by. During busy periods you may have been stuck in front of one for an extended period of time as you waited for the line to clear up. While waiting, you may have unconsciously been staring at a chocolate bar for three or four minutes, and realising you hadn’t eaten dinner, you picked it up and threw it on your basket to eat after you left the store. Now, replace this chocolate bar with any number of cheap, commonly used or eaten items, and people are buying hundreds of items from the checkout every day without really realising it. These POS displays don’t necessarily have to be about promotional items either. They represent an excellent opportunity for smaller businesses to manage limited shelf space as a source of overflow and can even be used in a way to guide shoppers to certain areas for clever traffic flow options.

Choosing the right POS display for your needs

Even if you’re committed to introducing a POS display into your store, you might be then confronted with the multiple options available for you to use. Varieties of POS displays can include free standing display units, dump bins, hanging signs, display cubes, counter top units, and much more – you can often ask suppliers what they’d typically suggest for a store similar to your own, or you can go out and do your own research by visiting stores. It should be noted that POS displays even work in smaller spaces, it’s simply often a matter of choosing the right display for your space and introducing it cleverly. After you’ve committed to the idea of a POS display, it then becomes a simple case of you carefully considering the products you want to introduce into these displays (whether it be chocolates, gum etc) and researching local companies offering plastic supplies in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or wherever else your business may be located.

Stop missing out on easy sales

If you’ve ever bought something impulsively from a point of sale display, you know how easy it is to do. Considering the low cost of entry for a plastic display, it makes a great deal of long-term fiscal sense to also invest in one if you operate a shopfront. It’s important to remember that it’s not always a case of plopping a POS display down wherever you feel – instead, creative placement will always reward you more, particularly if you use POS displays as something customers are forced to interact with, such as in the case of traffic flow displays.