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Why Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets are The New Kitchen Trending

In very significant ways, natural wood kitchen cabinets have become one of the classics with everlasting value to the global interior design industry. From functionality to cost-effectiveness and multiplicity of design choices, wood-based cabinets have been famous for so many years as far as kitchen interior design is concerned. 

In this article, we aim to review different things about them to determine why they are trending. If you at some point planned to go for natural wood cabinet designs, just continue reading. 

You will discover everything you need to know about them before making a purchase. 

Features that Define Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The fact that they are made of bare wood species is perhaps the most distinct fact about natural wood kitchen cabinets. Nonetheless, wood-based cupboards carry various features, most of which not only distinguish them but also make them more attractive; especially when compared with cabinet varieties engineered from man-made materials, for example, laminates. 

Apart from natural wood material features, the following are features that define natural wood cabinets. 

  • Design Versatility

First and foremost, natural wood cabinets don’t come in one but several varieties, all of which are wholesomely endowed with the prestigious aspects of bare hardwood. These include oak, maple, hickory, and mahogany kitchen cabinets. 

All models of natural wood cupboard designs are now versatile in terms of color. Unlike the past when they only came in natural wood finishes, nowadays they feature all color varieties, from traditional to contemporary tones. 

  • Practicability

The fact that natural wood kitchen cabinets are longer-lasting is arguably not a flatter. Thanks to the fact that hardwoods like oak, maple, teak, and hickory are stronger than laminate materials, enhanced lifespan is one thing you can always expect as far as features that define wood-based cabinets are concerned. 

With coarse-grained hardwood surfaces, varieties of wood-based cabinets can resist scratches and corrosive smudges. Whether the traffic in the interior you have fixed them into is dense or light, wood cabinets can stay looking glamorous, just as they looked at the point of purchase. 

  • Ease of Access

Another outstanding characteristic of natural wood cupboard designs is that they are friendlier in terms of access. Simply because their major material is natural, manufacturing them is not as complex as manufacturing cabinets from artificial materials; hence on every site where kitchen cabinets are sold, natural wood cabinets are always available in huge numbers. 

The fact that wood cabinets are versatile also highlights them as easier to access. Regardless of your location, you can effortlessly find your chosen variety of modern kitchen cabinets. What you need to do to find models that match your kitchen is consider the interior design attributes of your pantry. 

Trending Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

  • Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets are one of the most outstanding varieties of natural wood cabinets. They exist in two major types; that is red oak and white oak varieties. Depending on whether you want a dark or light-stained kitchen interior, you can go for red or white oak cabinets respectively. In terms of quality, all varieties of oak cabinets unquestionably rate higher than you can think, thanks to the strength properties of oak. 

  • Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple cabinet varieties, like all varieties of natural wood kitchen cabinets, feature both traditional and modern aesthetics. You can find them in all kinds of sizes and shapes. If by any chance you don’t want them in natural maple undertones, you can choose among painted cabinets made of maple. The good thing about painted varieties is that they are less prone to peel-offs resulting from water spillages. 

  • Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to own the strongest natural wood cabinets, go for cabinets engineered from hickory. From pushes to pulls, scratches and dust, hickory cabinets are seemingly built to withstand everything they are exposed to. Like maple and oak kitchen cabinets, cabinets designed from hickory are diverse and easier to access. You can find them featuring all famous cabinet designs, including iconic designs like shaker and farmhouse. 

Will Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Ever Stop Trending? 

The truth is that we cannot be certain when exactly natural wood kitchen cabinets will stop trending. These drawers have been in fashion since only time can tell and are currently boasting a kind of fame that they have never had before. 

According to professional interior designers, natural wood cupboard designs are more likely to be in fashion for many coming years, thanks to the following assumptions. 

  • The Popularity of Wood is Heightening

In the current global interior design industry, the place of natural wood is unquestionable. Besides being used for purposes of enhancing contrast in interiors, bare wood is now widely used to make interiors functional and easier to take care of. Thanks to its invaluable benefits, bare wood is prominent in interior design and this is the reason why wood-based cabinets are more likely to continue trending as time goes by. 

  • Wood Cabinets are Compatible with All Interiors

Based on the views of interior designers everywhere, the fact that natural wood kitchen cabinets are compatible with both traditional and modern interior designs is part of the reasons why their chances of trending for many years to come are high. Regardless of whether traditional or modern trends will dominate interior design fashion, natural cabinets will continue trending, thanks to their universality in matching all interior design aesthetics. 

  • Kitchen Functionality is Now More Revered

 Thanks to the ever-rising costs of kitchen interior design, homeowners would rather make their kitchens seem functionally relevant than spend hard-earned resources in beautifying them. Because wood-based cabinets are known to be exceptionally practical in terms of styling and durability, they are likely to continue being searched as years go by. 

Are Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Worth It? 

Of course yes! Kitchen cabinets made of wood are longer-lasting and very functional. Besides, you can easily install them in any type of interior, regardless of whether its visual appeal is old-school or modern. Natural wood kitchen cabinets are also environmentally friendlier as well as cheaper to acquire. Therefore, you will enjoy much from your hard-earned money if you decide to use part of it to buy natural wood cupboards. 


Do you wish to own kitchen cabinets that are longer-lasting and harmonious with a variety of interior designs? If yes, opt for natural wood kitchen cabinets. Thanks to the nature of their materials, these drawers are exceptionally durable, easier to take care of and compatible with all traditional and modern-style kitchen designs.