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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends To Look in 2021

Marriage is the best event of our life and we all wish to make it the best and different than the world. Lucky were those who tied their knots until the start of 2020 because post-pandemic people had to compromise on the celebration and many other things. There are various events that we celebrate in this process of marriage and one of the most important ones is engagement. Engagement is known as the first event where two people accept to put the rings in each other’s fingers and start a new journey of their relationship. There might be many things you would need to look for while preparing for this engagement event. But one of the most important things which you would need to decide upon is the Engagement rings

You must be thinking that what is so difficult in choosing the ring. A single visit to the jeweller would accomplish the task. But don’t you think that the ring which you would be putting into your partner’s finger should be special? Of course, the answer would be yes. Gone are the days when there were only a few options available for rings. If you talk about 2021 then you would see a lot of patterns and designs in the engagement ring. You might have seen many latest designs in various magazines and online shopping websites. But getting more options would end up getting you into confusion. This write-up would give you a clear picture of the latest trends of engagement rings. 

Halo Rings 

Halo Rings are known to dazzle with shine due to their ultimate cuts in the design. Its breathtaking sparkle is sure to catch the limelight. You would have already seen various options in the paving halo pattern but if you talk about the latest variant then Octagonal shape and hexagonal shape are getting on-trend in 2021. These variants are known to be the best fit for the engagement. Your would-be bride would surely get impressed with this choice. The stunning designs and freshness of this ring would make your d day best. 

Halo rings are best when customized. To take your commitment to your significant other to the next level, you should consider getting a custom engagement ring from a reliable jeweler like Engagement Rings by Diamondport. Customizing an engagement ring is far more special as it goes beyond picking stones and choosing their placements. Typically, custom engagement rings are rendered on a computer, modeled in wax, and cast before the gemstones are selected. 

Solitaire Floating Rings 

Nothing can beat Solitaire when it comes to engagement rings. Solitaire has always been the first choice of many and it is still trending when we talk about engagement ceremonies. There are various designs and patterns available with it but the one where Solitaire is floating rather than keeping at a single place is becoming the favourite of many. Some of the designs in Solitaire floating rings come with prongs that look contemporary but still classy. Classic solitaire is sure to grab the eyes. 

Vintage Rings 

No matter how old it gets Vintage Rings are still in trend. You can always pick the art deco design motifs which have become a favourite among the brides. A classic ring held with a yellow gold band and set of sparkling diamonds would take your engagement ceremony to the next level. Some of these rings might be expensive of course due to the vintage touch. But since it is an occasion which would be held only once in your lifetime, you would certainly don’t mind investing in it. 

Stackable Rings 

If you are looking for a simple and modern design then Sustainable rings would be the best pick for you. These rings are known to be versatile. You can wear a single one or both of them together as per your choice or the occasion. You can also pair it with the other jewellery to get a different new look. These sustainable rings are available in various metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and more. 

However, remember that a vintage ring isn’t necessarily an old one. This ring setting trend indicates that a modern ring is designed to resemble a vintage ring from a previous era. A vintage ring will typically have the following design elements: 

  • Yellow gold colors
  • Rows of diamonds 
  • Metal beads
  • Twisted metal threads 
  • Tiny metal balls 

Despite modern, emerging trends in jewelry today, vintage ring designs remain a popular engagement ring style for many couples.

Sustainable Rings 

Nowadays many couples prefer sustainable rings. With sustainable jewellery one can remodel the existing jewellery into the new one.  Many of us hold old jewellery with us we never use or which is gifted. In such cases, you can opt for the idea of sustainable rings. Some people also consider opting for conscious diamonds which are also known as lab-grown. If you see the recent design of a sustainable ring made by VRTT Vintage then you would get the picture of a masterpiece. You would find the beautiful combination of minimalism as well as evergreen design which would be the perfect pick for the modern lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts 

An engagement ring symbolizes the commitment and promise of your marriage to your significant other. Although marriage has no strict rules, giving and receiving engagement rings have been a tradition in various cultures. If you’re planning to propose to your special someone, it’s worth knowing about different engagement ring trends today to guide you in choosing the best engagement ring.