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Vacation Villa Rental

Tips On How To Find The Best Vacation Villa Rental Deal In Mexico

Mexico is popularly known for its exceptional sun kissed beaches located along the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. The country offers visitors the opportunity to engage in all manner of heart thumping and eye-opening adventures owing to its expansive deserts and jungles, in addition to its rich and varied history and culture. While there, travelers can enjoy sumptuous spicy dishes, watch or even take part in one of the many exciting and fun filled festivals.

To ensure that your Mexico holiday lives up to its billing, it’s important that you properly plan every aspect; accommodation undoubtedly being the most important. After all, accommodation is the most expensive aspect of any vacation. Renting a villa for your stay comes with a variety of benefits; finding the best deal ensures that every cent spent on it counts.

Why A Vacation Rental?

A vacation villa can be considered to be your home away from home. These accommodations come with a variety of homely conveniences including your own kitchen, laundry facilities and entertainment facilities among others. Holiday villas also give travelers their own private space away from other tourists. Simply put, vacation rentals give you the opportunity to have intimate family moments while still enjoying your vacation time. It’s also worth mentioning that all these benefits tend to come at a lower overall cost as compared a hotel stay; and might help you free up some cash to be spent on other fun activities.

Finding the right vacation villa, at the best deal will make your Mexican vacation all the more exciting as you will have the most comfortable stay. Read on below to find out how you can find the best deal on a vacation villa during your stay in Mexico.

Define Your Needs

Before you even start looking at some of the available vacation villas in Mexico, it’s important that you start by defining your specific needs/requirements. There are many different types of vacation rentals in Mexico, ranging from condos, villas and family homes among others; looking at all these may be time wasting as you will only end up choosing one. Clearly defining your needs will help you narrow down your search to the most suitable option.

Some of the factors to consider when it comes to defining your needs include the composition of your travel party. Will you be travelling with kids or pets? How much space do you need to comfortably house everyone you will be spending the vacation with? What amenities and facilities do you need? Answering these questions will help you get a clear picture of what you need. It will also help you avoid wasting time, looking at unsuitable properties; such as those that do not allow kids or pets inside, that is if you will be traveling with them.

Be sure to put all your accommodation needs in writing to ensure that you don’t leave out anything when checking against the available options.

Google Search

After you have a clear picture of what you need, you can then get the search for the right vacation deals started. The best place to look for vacation rentals from the comfort of your home or even office is the internet, and Google is your first and probably most important tool.

Simply type in the words “vacation rental in Mexico” or specify the city you wish to travel to and Google will generate a variety of results, in addition to a map. The map shows all the holiday rentals in the area covered. It’s also worth noting that Google’s vacation rental filter allows you to specify the type of accommodation you want to see if your initial search was more generalized.

Google also gives users the ability to scroll through a list of available properties, alongside booking site or owner contact information. Since the search engine lists the same properties on different booking sites, users can be able to make comparisons, before choosing the option representing the best deal.

Vacation Rental Websites

Vacation rental websites offer a higher level of specialization when it comes to generating a list of available vacation rental properties in Mexico. Users can use websites designed to help them find holiday rentals anywhere in the world, such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor, or turn to those that specifically focus on properties in Mexico, such as Hosted Villas.

You can use these sites to find owners who are willing to negotiate with holiday makers for the best deal. Some sites such as HomeAway even list discounted properties.

Book Early

Some vacation rental owners and agents prefer to have their properties booked earlier instead of having to rush to find a tenant when the peak season gets underway. In this case, planning and booking your rental as early as possible gives you’re the opportunity to negotiate for a better deal.

It is however worth mentioning that you need to have a clear way to back out of such deals in case a better one comes along further down the line.

Leave Things Late

Holiday rentals tend to be in high supply in popular tourist destinations in Mexico. Since all owners and agents want to ensure that their properties are rented out for the high peak season, they are always in a rush during the last minute.

If you are flexible about your destination in Mexico, you can be able to score a great deal on any vacation rental properties that remain unoccupied, and are therefore likely to be offered at a discount, during this period.

Do Your Research

Renting a holiday rental is nothing like booking a hotel room. You need to be very careful before making any commitments; otherwise, a sweet deal can turn sour and ruin the entire experience. To avoid any surprises, it’s recommended that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the rental as soon as possible. Find out all the details about the property from the furnishings, cleaning or even repairs as well as rules of use.

More importantly, find out more about their cancellation policy, for instance, some owners or agents might demand that you make the cancellation order a week or month in advance to get a full refund. You can also take some time to go through any available customer reviews left by previous occupants.

How About Going Through Property Agents?

Although it’s true that by contacting the property owner directly gives you a better chance of getting a better deal on the rental of your choice, going through an agent may offer access to some valuable services; albeit at a higher cost. It may also offer a higher level of protection with regard to having someone to run to in the unfortunate event that things go wrong.

Follow the above tips on how to find the best vacation villa rental deal in Mexico to ensure that you end up making an informed final decision.