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Tips for Succeeding as a Remote Worker

Remote work is more common today than ever. In a world where many companies discovered the benefits of having distance employees when COVID-19 struck, it’s much more likely that you’ll find companies willing to hire you without giving you a physical office these days. The home-working lifestyle can be a wonderful way to live for many people. Sometimes, you’ll find that operating remotely means that you have a better work/life balance, because you can balance being at work and looking after the kids. You also have the freedom to avoid stressful things like the morning commute. But there are challenges to this kind of job too. Here are our top tips for succeeding in the new landscape.

Have the Right Skills

The most important thing you’ll have as a distance employee is the right set of skills. We’re not just talking about the degree that you got in something like accounting or marketing. However, having a degree in an industry that supports remote work is helpful if you want to boost your chances of a hire. If finances are holding you back from investing in yourself, private student loans are available to cover the tuition costs while you’re in school. Other skills worth developing include learning how to use crucial pieces of software at home and learning how to troubleshoot common computer issues. It helps if you know all the tricks for using video conferencing software, and if you’ve got a good proficiency with things like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Find out what software your employer recommends.

Always Follow a Schedule

This might sound like a strange tip when many professionals in the remote landscape like the freedom of being able to choose their own hours. However, even if you do have more freedom over how and when you get work done, it’s a good idea to follow at least a basic schedule. Set a time when you’re going to get up each day, and start working, and make sure you know when you’re going to log off too. Having a timeline to follow will ensure that you don’t overwork yourself or forget to switch off at the end of the day. It also means that you won’t have to rush to complete important deadlines at the last minute, because you can ensure that everything is properly timed.

Create a Space

Finally, being a remote employee doesn’t mean that you should necessarily spend every day working on a laptop from your couch or your kitchen table. Although it might seem comfortable to do this at first, you really need a separate space where you can get away from all other distractions if you want to succeed. Not having your own dedicated place for professional tasks means that it’s harder to separate professional and family life. At the same time, you might find that you’re constantly getting distracted by things like the television or your dog barking in the background, so you don’t accomplish your tasks as quickly as you could. Even if you just carve out a corner of a spare room, having a space that’s completely committed to your work is essential.