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How to Shop in an Eco-Friendly Way

It’s important to be taking the relevant steps to help the planet in as many ways as possible. Shopping is one key area which takes up a lot of time and energy in the lives of many people, whether through necessity such as food shopping, or through personal habits for consumer goods.

Shopping is therefore a key area which can be looked upon with an eco-friendlier viewpoint. Here are just some of the ways you can aim to shop in a more environmental manner.

Shop Mindfully

By taking a step back and thinking about each and every purchase you make, you are helping yourself to make more aware decisions when it comes to shopping, whether that be food, clothing or other consumer goods. Through doing so, you can more thoroughly check items and better understand the process of obtaining that item and whether it’s economically sound.

Look for Economically Friendly Brands

Some brands and stores make it their mission to provide items in the most economically-sound fashion. Some of these brands are almost entirely dedicated to eco-friendly alternatives; whether that’s by providing a bamboo toothbrush as opposed to a plastic brush or reusable items. By seeking out these specific brands, you can do your part, too.

Additionally, many brands use recycled packaging, which is also a boon because it will limit the amount of waste material.

Shop Online to Avoid Extra Travel

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint on the road, shopping online can be a huge benefit as it eliminates the amount of traffic on the road. Furthermore, online shopping means you can easily search or browse specifically for what you need, eliminating any risk of driving from place to place and increasing fuel consumption.

There are many other benefits to shopping online, such as opportunities to make cashback and save money at your favourite stores and through searching for specific deals like through Kickback. Click here to find out more.

Buy Local Produce

Wherever possible, try to buy locally, so as to eliminate any items which have used extensive shipping to arrive in the country and therefore increased environmental impact. Try to visit your local market for fresh food, for example.

Use Reusable Bags

Take your own bag to use, such as a backpack, or purchase heavy-duty reusable shopping bags to use whenever you’re buying anything. This will help to reduce the amount of plastic bags or bags which get discarded and wasted.

Buy in Bulk

Whether it’s shopping online or in person, buying in bulk will also help to limit your carbon footprint. If it’s an item which you know you will need time and again, then avoid ordering one item at a time, or driving out to pick up just one item.

Buying in bulk and storing the items will limit the number of trips out or limit the amount of deliveries made to your home.

Buy Reusable Products

Anything you can purchase which can be washed and reused is better than disposable products, where applicable. If you are using cleaning wipes, consider investing in a heavy-duty washable cloth rather than disposable one-use wipes, for example.