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How to Get Perfect TV Reception – Tips From a Local Antenna Installer

Acquiring an apt TV reception at times gets extremely irritating and painful. Nowhere does the TV Antenna seem to fit perfectly. And honestly, no one prefers to watch any show or sports with continuous disturbance. And now with the broadcasters shifting from analog to digital, the process has become all the more tiresome. Because with the latter either there is absolute reception or there is none, nothing comes in between.

But obviously, there has to be some way out. This cannot be the thing. These tricks are known by many of the local antenna installers. They are known to some particular ways which can easily make for an appropriate reception. The top five tricks are as follows:

1. Searching for the Towers:

First and foremost, get to know the broadcasting towers in your place, this will narrow down the options when placing the antenna. This step should be done even before purchasing an antenna because this will help in understanding the power of the same. When there is an issue to pick up a reception you easily do this with the help of the map. This finding out can be done easily with the help of a few websites.

2. Check the Geographical Position:

Primarily scan through the geography of your area, because the placement of your house will matter with the reception that is to be received. For instance, you’ll need to opt for different antenna such as omnidirectional, multidirectional, directional, etc. based on the situation of your place. One can also choose for an amplified antenna depending on the distance the antenna needs to cover.

3. Placing of the Antenna:

Try to place the antenna in front of a window, this makes the process easier to a certain extent since it lowers the obstruction between the tower and antenna. While doing this make sure the antenna is not exposed to extreme heat and the white part faces outside so that it absorbs less amount of heat. In case of a flat antenna remember to tape the corners to surface so that it does not bend or warp over time harming the reception.

4. Increase the Height:

Always tend to raise the height of the antenna the highest within range. It has been noticed that more the height of the antenna, more clear is the reception. In instances where the TV is kept in the basement a bit longer coaxial antenna may be needed, but do not go for an unnecessary long cable because this hampers may signal.

5. Keep It Away From Metal:

Any metal element or surface kept near the antenna can interfere with the signal. Metal bug screen or metal burglar bars near the antenna can very easily cause trouble in the reception. Also, for instance, those having a metal roof cannot fix their antenna in the attic. It is very important that any such metal items should be kept at least 6 feet or more, away from the antenna for smooth working.

6. Try Different Placements:

Lastly, perfection never comes with a single try. So though following all these will definitely cut down the possibilities but it is not foolproof that it will help achieve the best reception just in a single go. Continue adjustment for a few number of times to get a crystal clear picturization.


Achieving a satisfying TV reception has no particular and definite formula or rule. The above mentioned are some measures which will simplify the entire pro-cedure to a considerable extent. But in the end, rightly trial and error method is the only possible way out.