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How to Get an Online Home Insurance Quote in BC

Getting homeowners insurance isn’t an everyday task for an individual. It is also one of the most crucial decisions you will make, as you will likely stick with it for a long time. Besides, it will impact your monthly budget as well. 

Therefore, comparing home insurance quotes and finding the right deal fitting your needs and budget is important. For excellent home insurance deals in BC, consider teaming up with an online insurance brokerage like Surex

Before you buy your home insurance, there are several things you should know, including:  

A step-by-step guide to getting a home insurance quote online  

Follow the steps listed below if you want to learn how to find a competitive home insurance BC online quote: 

1. Choose your property type

Visit a reliable site allowing facilitating individuals to get and compare home insurance quotes. Go to the relevant page and choose the property type for which you want to buy home insurance. Next, provide the postal code of the area where the property is located and proceed to the next steps. 

2. Provide your personal details

You will be asked to provide correct info about yourself and members of the family who’ll reside with you in that household property. In addition, provide a date when you would like to start your new policy and when you plan to move into that property. Most online insurance companies have systems that can determine the rest of the home’s age, area, and distance from facilities like a fire station and others using the provided info. 

3. Provide correct details of your property

It is one of the crucial steps as the details provided in this step will be used to determine what all discount offers (provided by the insurance company) are eligible in your case. Be prepared to provide answers to several questions related to your home and car insurance policies (for bundling your home and car insurance). 

Verify the info before submitting it. However, most of the reputed platforms have technologies to verify the house and personal info provided by the users.  

4.    Review and check the consent statement to view the quotes

Go through the consent statement and verify the full info you provided, including your claim history. Once you consent to the agreement statement, the site will display home insurance quotes. 

5.    View the home insurance quotes

View the home insurance quotes provided to you online based on your information. If you want more options, you may explore other pre-set packages. Check the coverage cost. You may also opt for customized quotes for insurance coverage.

6.     Review the quotes and coverage details 

Check the insurance coverage details thoroughly. The details generally explain how your property will be protected and covered with the insurance and what benefits you’ll get in the insurance quotes provided to you. You can also opt for customized deductibles and coverage limits at this step. See if there are any changes reflected in the quotes. 

7.     Buy your home insurance or save your quote

Once satisfied with the home insurance quotes, you may purchase the home insurance offer with the given quotes. Alternatively, you may ‘save the quote’ to buy the insurance later. 

Guide to comparing home insurance quotes

It is recommended to get three to four quotes and compare the different offers before reaching the final decision so that you can find the best online home insurance quote BC. Compare the quotes, and check the coverage limits, deductibles and other factors, including the ones listed below.

Limit of the dwelling coverage 

The dwelling coverage limit is the cost of rebuilding the home after an unexpected disaster (this amount could be different from the market value of your property.) Generally, the dwelling coverage value calculated by insurance companies is based on the household property’s features. 

When comparing the dwelling coverage limit, consider the coverage value included in the insurance. The policy should include enough dwelling coverage that could be required to rebuild your home in unforeseen circumstances. 

Does the insurance policy cover your belongings?

The home insurance covers the property either on the replacement cost or an actual cash value basis. In the case of actual cash value, the insurer pays up to the item value that is destroyed or stolen. The amount may or may not be enough to purchase a new replacement. In the case of replacement cost coverage, you’ll get enough needed to buy a new version of the item. 

Personal liability coverage

Personal liability coverage/insurance is generally included in home insurance. It helps in defending the policyholder in case a third party sues them. Liability insurance covers legal damages, attorney fees and other associated costs. The amount of liability insurance depends on the lifestyle of the individual. For example – if you have a swimming pool in your home, you may need insurance of higher value.  

Deductible amount 

A deductible refers to the claim amount to be borne by the policyholder. For example –if the deductible amount is $1,000 and there is damage worth $10,000 to your home’s roof or any other section of the property, the claim payout given by the insurance company will amount to $9,000. A higher deductible amount means a lower premium amount and vice versa. 

In some cases, insurance companies also demand separate deductibles for specific claims like for the damages that occurred because of wind storms or hurricanes (depending on your property’s location). It is important to sign up for the deductible amount that you can afford. There is no point in choosing a higher deductible value if you aren’t confident enough to put aside the damages. 

Home insurance bc online quote — Endnote 

Finding the best home insurance BC online quote requires an investment of time and effort. But it is important to make an informed decision so that the insurance policy you sign up for provides adequate cover and fits your budget. 

Besides, make sure to find a responsible insurer and insurance broker who offer the best coverage for your household property at the given rates. 

Plus, consider the company’s customer service providing online home insurance in BC. 

It will save you from the hassle and stress at the time of claiming the policy amount.