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How Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Create The Modern Farmhouse Look

Beneath all the intrigues that surround classic-style cabinet designs is the idea that they are generously functional. Are classic-style cabinets valuable in interior design as purported? Well, in this article, we aim to uncover more about that. 

We have comprehensively reviewed distressed kitchen cabinets, arguably one of the most common classic-style cabinet designs. Currently, kitchen cabinets with distressed appearances are on the list of top-trending cabinet ideas. 

Continue reading to establish whether or not classic-style cabinets like distressed cabinets are a good idea for a kitchen remodel project. 

About Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Generally speaking, distressed kitchen cabinets are fascinating cabinet designs. Whereas they stem from 17th-century fashion, these drawers have turned out to be fundamental aspects of contemporary interior design. 

Nowadays, wherever you try looking for them, you will discover that they exist in so many shapes and feature multiple varieties of finishing options; which is one fact that makes them exclusively attractive to many homeowners. 

But even though they come with differences, distressed cabinet varieties are all known and admired for the following; 

  • Unparalleled Practical Values

With their weathered-wood demeanors, distressed kitchen cabinets enjoy unequaled ratings in terms of functionality. Besides cleaning them effortlessly, you can style these drawers with much ease and fun, thanks to their weathered wood surfaces. Distressed cabinets can match dozens of colors and material finishes, their durability and compatibility with both vintage and modern interior designs notwithstanding. 

  • Exotic Appearance 

Besides their functional benefits, distressed cabinets are cherished all over the world, thanks to the fact that they typically look exotic or natural. From their weathered-wood finishing options to layouts and ornamental properties, these drawers uniquely stand out as emblematic reminders of nature-oriented 17th and 18th-century farmhouse-style interior designs. Whether you blend distressed cabinets with metals, glass or any other artificial material, their natural-looking distressed appearance will overpower everything to make them look exotic. 

  • Pocket-Friendlier Cost of Purchase

Since simplicity in styling is a significant attribute of distressed kitchen cabinets, you can always expect to spend less on cupboards with a distressed appearance than on any other cabinet design. Regardless of their size, distressed cabinets are always considerably cheaper to acquire than many traditional and modern cabinet designs. 

With minimal ornamental or decorative attributes, distressed cabinets don’t involve a significant amount of resources in terms of manufacturing. For this reason, they are typically lowly priced. 

Are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Trending

Of course yes! As we already noted, although they are irrefutably classic-style drawer varieties, distressed cupboards have come to be hallmarks of modern interior design. Presently, they are trending for the following reasons. 

  1. Vintage Fashion is Back

Did you even know that classic is the new fashion as far as kitchen interior design is concerned? Well, classic kitchen interior décor materials, including classic cabinets are now looked at as more fashionable than ever. 

Generally speaking, classic cabinet designs, including distressed kitchen cabinets are considered very functional, which is one reason why they are dominating contemporary interior design scenes. 

  1. Natural Wood is Trending

Natural wood is presently trending massively alongside classic-style interior décor materials. Thanks to the fact that their appearance is wholesomely typical of the allure of wood in its natural state, distressed cabinets are now admired unimaginably. 

For homeowners with thoughts of incorporating natural wood into their sculleries, distressed cabinet designs are among the leading options to consider when it comes to choosing décor materials to work with. 

  1. The Ever-Present Demand for Functional Kitchens

Generally speaking, a lot of homeowners would rather make their cooking houses more practical than spend all their money on making them visually attractive. Well, this is understandable; a kitchen is not an attraction site but a significant functional component that makes a home complete. 

Because distressed kitchen cabinets are functional in different aspects, the fact that many modern homeowners are choosing them should never seem out of place. These drawers will continue to be admired because they are cheaper to acquire and handle as well as compatible with multiple kitchen interior design trends. 

How Can I Find My Ideal Distressed Kitchen Cabinets? 

#1: Talk to Interior Design Professionals

If you try consulting interior designers concerning anything about distressed cabinets, you can get viable information about the best manufacturers and places to buy from. Moreover, interior designers can provide recommendations that may end up enabling you to land on distressed cabinets you consider ideal for your pantry. 

#2: Window-Shop on Various Shopping Platforms

Besides consulting professionals in the interior design industry, you can try window shopping on various online shopping platforms. In your window-shopping activities, you can easily come across distressed kitchen cabinets that seem true to your tastes. An alternative to window-shopping in internet-based stores is visiting land-based furniture showrooms that allow window-shopping. 

#3: Consider the Interior Outlook of Your Kitchen

Unless you are cognizant of the interior design outlook of your kitchen, finding distressed cabinets that can perfectly match can be a pipe dream. You need to know the size and shape of your kitchen to know the layouts as well as the size of the distressed cabinets you need to spend your money on. Besides shape and size, you must beware of the colors present in your kitchen to be sure about how to choose weathered-wood cabinets in terms of finishing options and color features. 

#4: Check Cabinet Material Quality

Did you know that you can easily know whether or not kitchen cabinets are perfect for you based on the nature of their material components? Well, in the case of distressed kitchen cabinets, you need to be certain on the type of wood defining their material structure unless you are not too choosy when it comes to hardwood varieties. The takeaway here is that varieties of hardwoods rate differently in terms of quality. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking forward to sprucing up the outlook of your scullery for the 2023 December festive season, consider going for distressed cabinets. All types of distressed kitchen cabinets are functional and attractive. Whether you want your kitchen to look modern or traditional this December, you need to know that your chances of achieving your dream kitchen interior design can be easy if you leverage the characteristics of cabinets with a distressed appearance.