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How can we say Nike is a blockchain technology?

It is true that blockchain technology has its hand to technical modernizing the industries. Many industries have been interrupted due to blockchain technology interventions.

Many of the companies have modified plans to adapt themselves to blockchain technology.  As one of the most famous names in the field of shoes is Nike. Nike saw the potential in blockchain technology and saw whether it has any power to help them out from the issue faced by Nike.

It was said that Nike was able to use blockchain to solve their problem and they have publicized to use blockchain technology.

Where is Nike heading towards blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology always amazes us. Nike is also using blockchain technology after blockchain technology used in ups tracking.  Nike recently copyright a new type of method called crypto kicks. Nike surprised the world when it started using blockchain technology.

Even how blockchain technology is implemented by an enterprise, it is close to where blockchain will be used as the main technology used in commercial use. Nike wants to implement blockchain technology in supply chain management.

Companies’ always priority is supply chain management. Recently, it is said that supply chain management needs technical modernization to completely trace well there were some cases found in which some fake products were delivered to the customer. After all the happening Nike cleared-cut to use blockchain technology to trace their products.

How is cryptokicks related to the supply chain management?

Nike gives cryptokicks to their customers. It is a type of crypto token. This act has made the imperceptible decentralized digital currency into a perceptible benefit.

What is the role of cryptokicks?  Nike has linked their products with crypto tokens. With that crypto-token, the customer can track its purchase date and from where it is purchased.

The customers can confirm the reliability of Nike with help of the fixed cryptokicks token which is very much useful.  If you want to invest in bitcoin trading you can click here.

Some technical details

The Ethereum blockchain network is a blockchain that is used by Nike. Nike uses a non-fungible token of blockchain technology. These tokens have different specifications and are not changeable.

The only way to unlock the password id by buying Nike shoes. Then you will get a numeric password which will help you in unlocking the token.

The buying and selling data will be stored on the blockchain network using 10-digit verification. The only difference is shoes are traded instead of crypto coins.


After the supply chain method, Nike understands how vital is blockchain technology and they were able to predict their future options which will help them a lot. It is high time for other firms to venture into the unfamiliar terrain of the blockchain.