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Enjoy Writing in Luxury with LeStallion Premium Leather Notebooks – A Review

Writing is one of those joys in life that cannot be quantified. Some people find having a diary very important while others think it’s really handy. Whatever the case, having a journal around can come in useful in myriad ways. Different types of notebooks are used for different purposes. Even between two similar notebooks, there’s a lot of difference in small characteristics like size, material, paper type, page ruling, cover, etc. And for those who enjoy writing, even the smallest change in the page type or ruling can make a world of difference. If writing is your hobby and you enjoy choosing your journals based on various features, you will love this LeStallion Ashgray Black Premium Leather Notebooks. These LeStallion journals are of the best quality faux leather cover with thick matte finish paper that prevents bleeding or ghosting. They are so much more than mere bookkeeping tools. These journals can become a source of contentment for all journal-lovers, making their writing journey more beautiful! 

Product Specifications

  • Brand : LeStallion
  • Size : A5
  • Page Count : 200 Pages
  • Page Style : Ruled / Lined
  • Paper Type and Finish : 120 GSM Thick Matter Paper
  • Cover : Faux Leather
  • Color : Ariegeois – Ashgray Black  

Main Features

Dual Tone Faux Leather Cover

The LeStallion notebooks comes adorned with super soft faux leather cover. Its dual-tone faux leather cover and brown paper edging give them a sophisticated and masculine look. It is built for high durability with extra leather thickness, tight binding, and better gluing. Give your love for writing a luxe feel with this beautiful and durable notebook.

Thicker, Better Paper

Writing on a good quality piece of paper is an experience in itself. Regular paper is thin and of cheaper quality. Hence, they some times have issues like bleeding, ghosting, etc. which dampen the effect of writing. However, LeStallion premium leather notebooks are made of high-quality 120gsm thick paper. Its striking ivory color and rich matte finish make it look classy and regal. Plus, its made of environment friendly wood-free material. This paper is tested against the most tough pens and markers to ensure it is free of any issues. 

Packed with Amazing Features

While paper type and quality are important, but they are not the only criteria for a book selection. You also consider small things like page numbers, table of contents, bookmarks, etc. This LeStallion notebook boasts of some amazing features like best quality paper, table of contents, back cover pocket, unique metallic bookmark, etc. All these features enhance your writing experience and make it a source of pride and joy!

Whether you’re thinking of getting yourself a notebook or buying one for a friend or acquaintance, LeStallion notebooks are the best option. From professional environment to personal luxury, LeStallion notebooks make for great companions and gifts for all occasions!