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8 Amazing Tips on How to Plan For a Perfect Wedding

Your boyfriend just proposed and gave you the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. Your friends and family are super excited. Everyone is asking when the wedding is.

Planning a wedding is not an easy undertaking. Many brides-to-be are often overwhelmed by the planning process. The amount of headaches you are subjected to is unfathomable.

Being a wedding planner myself, I have quite a couple of tricks up my sleeves that I would like to share; tips and tricks that would make wedding planning hustle free. Then if you are getting married in Essex in the UK then have a look at these guys who are the best for wedding car hire in Essex as they are just ridiculously good.


The earlier you start planning, the easier it will be. Do not wait for 3months to start planning your dream wedding. Have a well written plan on how everything is supposed to go down.

You could also opt to purchase a wedding planning subscription box. You can subscribe from as early as a year in advance. Once subscribed, every month you will be receiving stunning gifts and a lot of inspiration to get you through the planning process.


Sit down with your better-half and have a lengthy discussion of the amount of money you will be comfortably willing to spend on that day. Once the budget is made, it is the duty of both the bride and groom to make sure that it is adhered to. One would rather under-budget instead of over-budget.

The other thing is to put money aside for miscellaneous. These could include costs of dress alterations among other things.


Yes, it is your big day and it is normal to want everything suited to your perfection. At first, you may try to juggle everything but it can become overwhelming and stressful. Asking for help from your family and friends will do you justice. Let them help out wherever need be and do not be too hard on them in case of small mistakes here and there.


This is among the first things you should do. Come up with a guest list that will go hand-in-hand with your budget. This will also allow you to find a suitable location that will be convenient with the numbers on your guest list.

Do not feel bad not inviting some of your colleagues and acquaintances. Charges per head are the most important thing and too many invitees can cause a problem during budgeting.


Consider having a wedding venue that is not too far from your location. Long distances may cause problems when it comes to time management.


Seek the services of a well-renowned photographer. This is a special day that you will cherish for the rest of your days. So, do not underestimate the importance of good photography


Food is one of the things that people do not forget after a wedding. Make sure you get your menu right. Seek the services of certified caterers for a stress-free food experience.


Men are not thinking of their wedding day; well, not until they are engaged. Allow for your spouse to voice his own opinions and ideas. Make him feel that he is a part of the whole process.