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7 Best Hair Dryers for having Salon Quality Styling in no Time

Having thick strands of hair is quite a problem… I mean it is difficult to carry and no styling can be done to it especially when you are out of time. Moreover, people having the big man knows how frustrating it is to dry up as it takes the whole day and if you wash your hair before work then don’t ask.

I know the happiest time of my life is when a hair stylist pampers my hair, putting their soft fingers on my scalp and using the best hair dryer to make all my tresses dry and frizz-free while asking me whether I want to wear my hair curled or straight.

But I cannot afford to go to the salon every day, so I decided to barge in the market and find the perfect hair dryer for me to get a salon quality styling in no time at all. Quite frankly, finding the right blow dryer for myself was a tedious task with so many brands available. But once you get a hold on the good one, believe me, your life will be much easier.

Based on my experience, I have mentioned the 7 hair dryers that I find the best up till now…. Beware!!! Use online coupons from websites like can save on your purchase. Your opinion may vary, however, to start with these would not be such a bad idea.

Model Price
Parlux Advance Light $240
Dyson Supersonic $399
Panasonic EH-NA65-K $129.99
ghd Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer $243
Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer $195
Label.m Tourmaline Black Dryer $54
Toni and Guy Daily Conditioning Dryer $261

Parlux Advance Light

So, quite a time ago I visited a friend who introduced me to this one hair dryer that has become my all-time favorite. This air dryer is introduced by an Italian brand that is also favored by a lot of professional hairdressers since a very long time now.

The brand is well known for winning multiple awards in regards to the quality and the design of build during the decades. The hairdryer by this brand is none less than its other products. The hair dryer is available in a range of color’s, but that is not its plus point.

It has a heatproof body with ergonomic design and a long-lasting motor along with the wide range of easy to reach temperature controls. Moreover, it is one of the lightest and the quietest dryers I have ever used. Also, it is just great for quick and gentle drying, when you have to run to work.

Dyson Supersonic

Though it is a lot bit towards a higher end due to its eye-watering price tag, the Dyson Supersonic is the best of hair dryers for quickly drying out the hair in half the usual time, while giving it a shiny and smooth touch that feels like you have used a straightener.

Like its other products the Dyson Company has come up with the range of quality and fancy hand-dryers, but supersonic is the alma mater of the others. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer features ultra-powerful, yet directed airflow and has a heat protection sensor that is good news for the longevity of your hair. Moreover, it is simple to use and has no noise to irritate you.

Panasonic EH-NA65-K

The Panasonic EH-NA65-K is yet another wonder of the Panasonic Company. The product is just wonderful and one of the best that I have used, so it owes to be on this list by all means. The EH-NA65-K does not only claims but it infuses about 1000 times more moisture into your hair than the other typical ion hair dryers.

A cherry on top is that this hair dryer adds a lot of volumes while minimizing the frizz in your air and reduces the damage. Hence, living up to its claims, the Panasonic EH-NA65-K gives the shiny best dry hair that looks very less brittle and greasy giving it an oil-free look, while leaving a glossy touch that lasts longer than with the other hair dryers.

But let me inform you that it is by no means the lighter tool to handle, but everything is just not perfect…Right!!!

ghd Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer

Undoubtedly, there is no one who has not heard of the ghd Air Professional Performance hair dryer. The ghd product is one of the biz in the market. It is a 1600-watt AC motor machine that has ionic technology.

The Air Professional Performance dryer not only promises to, but it delivers a flawless salon finish up that is two times faster and better looking, which is just perfect for the thicker hair as well. Moreover, it has got the top ratings on Sephora and Amazon as well.

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

As one of the leading chain of blowout salons, the Drybar has delivered great results to its consumers, maintaining its fame within the industry. So essentially it’s hair tools are of quality as well. Just like that this pretty blow dryer comes with three temperatures, two-speed controls, and an 1875-watt motor for the level of super-fast drying which is just amazing.

This is one of the handy hair dryers that I most frequently use after washing my hair or when I need a quick dry scalp. The added benefit is that I do not have to give my wrist crumples by maneuvering around my head all thanks to its long cord and lightweight.

The hair dryer is just amazing to use and on top of being the powerful and effective product, this bright yellow dryer is extremely cute.

Label.m Tourmaline Black Dryer

This product gives you the salon quality, yet it is good for rough use as well. It has a 2200 watts of the motor along with the lightweight body which makes it simple to use. This hair dryer has got more power and heat than the most, which is not bad at all and is best for taming the frizzy hair giving it a sleeker, straighter look.

Moreover, the hair dryer is very comfortable to hold with its anti-slip and anti-burn strips. Also, it has a feature of a cold shot button that is a standard nowadays. It is nice and easy to reach to use for final touch-ups to your hairstyle or for fixing moments. It is available in black as well as white color.

Toni & Guy Daily Conditioning Dryer

Who is not familiar with the name of Toni & Guy and of course if you are familiar enough, then only you can tell that the brand is famous and prominent for making quality hair tools. Thus, not lacking a tiny bit of its standards the Toni & Guy brand delivers the best conditioning dryer at a good budget.

Mainly, the hair dryers that are available in this price range often get too hot or lack power, hence leaving your hair look frazzled. However, this one is an exception due to its kinder pampering to your locks without taking a lot of time. The soft touch rubberized grip also works quite well and it is very light too. Thus, another good choice to make.


So, that was the list of top hair dryers which I have personally used and which have left me astounded with its quality, giving me the best results without going to any salon. However, the trick is to use it correctly and then you are good to go.