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Affordable Date Ideas recommended by the Adventure Challenge

How creative are you when it comes to dating? Spending loads of money and traveling isn’t always necessary to enjoy creative dates. 

There’s a multitude of affordable date ideas to experiment with, such as cooking a tasty meal at home, watching a romantic film, building a blanket fort, snuggling by candlelight, having a staycation, etc. If you aren’t a creative couple, you can consult a datebook like the Adventure Challenge to inspire you by suggesting budget-friendly romantic ideas for dates. 

Have a look at some of the best ideas for organizing a date on a budget. 

Cook a delicious meal

An affordable idea for a date night can be cooking a delicious meal at home instead of having dinner in a fancy restaurant. You can banish all the worries related to getting a reservation, waiting for hours to get a table, and yelling over the chatter in the restaurant. Your long-planned evening can turn out much different than you have imagined. 

Instead, you can roll up your sleeves and cook a tasty meal together with your partner. Lighting some candles and turning some mood music on can make the atmosphere even more romantic than in a classy restaurant. If you don’t mind taking up a cooking adventure challenge, check out the scratch-off challenges in the Adventure Challenge datebook. One of the adventures in the datebook is to bake a pie together while one of the partners is blindfolded. 

If you’re up for a messy challenge, you can use this idea. Otherwise, there are plenty of other recipes you can cook without having a blindfold over your eyes. 

Watch a movie

Another cheap date idea you can try as a couple is watching a romantic movie while cuddling on the sofa. Instead of going to the cinema and paying pricey tickets to watch a blockbuster, why not turn your living room into a cinema? Make sure to wear your most comfortable pajamas, pop a large bowl of tasty popcorn, and park yourself in front of the TV. 

One of the indoor challenges in the datebook is actually choosing a romantic movie from the top ten list of romantic movies of all times and cook s’mores as a snack. If you are up for a sweet treat, spare some time to cook s’mores before choosing a movie. Make sure to google the best romantic films, select one you haven’t seen, and give yourself in to romance. 

Build a fort of blankets and pillows 

Another affordable date idea that’s worth the try is building a pillow fort with your loved one. Years have probably gone by since the last time you’ve relaxed inside a blanket fort without considering the fort you may have built for your children. Camping out in the living room is a childish yet intimate activity, allowing couples to reconnect and spend quality time together. 

This idea is recommended for the winter period, as the fireplace makes the notion of camping more realistic. You can even spread out your sleeping bags right in front of the fireplace and have an indoor instead of an outdoor picnic. See this page for some handy tips on making a blanket fort. 

Snuggle by candlelight

There’s nothing more romantic than snuggling or eating dinner by candlelight. Even eating takeout can be intimate by candlelight and result in a magical evening. Once the takeout arrives, turn off all the lights in the room, surround yourself and your loved one with candles, and snuggle once you’re done eating. 

Moreover, you can snuggle under a blanket next to the fireplace to soak up the warmth emitted by the fire. In the meantime, make sure your mobiles and the TV are turned off as well, so that you can engage in a deep conversation without being bothered by anyone. 

Turn your guest room into a vacation suite

Another affordable idea would be transforming one of your guest rooms into a vacation suite by making a few upgrades. Whenever you feel nostalgic about summer and your last romantic vacation, you can revive the memories with your loved one by having a vacay in the comfort of your home. 

Since the sense of smell has the largest potential to trigger memories, make sure you find a lotion bottle smelling like coconut and apply some on yourself and your spouse. The scent of coconut will take you back to the sandy beach and the crystal-clear sea. Slice up some tropical fruits and make some margaritas like those you used to drink in the beachfront café. 

Once the scenery is set, take your laptop, pull up the photographs from your past vacations, play some summer music in the background, and go over them with your partner. Remember to wear your favorite swimming suit to be entirely carefree. Go to this URL,, to see twenty staycation ideas for vacationing at home. 

Test drive a pricey car

This affordable date idea is an absolute must, as you can test drive a luxurious car accompanied by your partner. Invite your loved one to be your companion during the ride. It’s a fun experience to take such a car for a spin, take some shots, and treasure the memories forever. 

Final thoughts

Who says dating has to be pricey? 

As long as you are willing to put in some effort, you can enjoy glamorous dates almost for free!