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5 Tips To Get Famous On Social Media

Social acceptance or fame has become a norm today! Be it a brand, music fan, movie enthusiast, a fashion blogger, or a startup; everyone wants to get noticed. What better place than social media to get your name out there and make your dream come true?

With 3.80 billion social media users worldwide, different social media platforms have made it easy for anyone to get famous. However, achieving a status of social media influencer demands a lot of hard work and patience.

But, it’s not that hard, though! Just keep these tips in mind, and you are all set to rock-

Choose The Right Social Media Platform

Each social media platform has something that differentiates it from the others. Let’s talk in brief about the most commonly used platforms that can help you gain the popularity you want-

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Facebook is indeed one of the most sought-after social media platforms worldwide. With 2.6 billion monthly active users, this powerful social media giant receives traffic from all demographics.

Moreover, it is a vast market for influencers. So, if you are an influencer, you should create a Facebook page. Once you start getting more Facebook likes, views, and comments, it can be a game-changer for your profile!

New influencers also buy Facebook page likes or comments to boost the audience’s engagement and get their page at the top of the search results. Besides, they also share interesting content from the social media sources for enhancing their Facebook reach.

Find what is trending and get the first-mover advantage in your Facebook posts. Also, keep your eyes of the Facebook sidebar, or subscribe to the Google alerts to be updated.


If you are all about visual content, Instagram is the best platform for you. From engaging videos to photography, you can share any visual content your audience likes.

Brands and businesses are also using this network for marketing their products. Furthermore, just like the content creators strive to buy more Facebook likes, they also toil hard to gain more Instagram followers.

Since it is a video-driven platform, you need to focus on creating engaging content that keeps the viewers engaged.


Known as the second-most used platform after Google, YouTube is a place for influencers to share content in the form of videos. With 2 billion logged-in monthly viewers, it is another excellent platform to generate the following.

Focus On Your Content Quality

Content is the king; it is one of the most critical factors you should consider to get famous on social media. Though it takes time to create unique, valuable content, the efforts pay off!

The audience on social media platforms appreciates authentic, engaging content, and informative content. Know your audience, and find out what type of content they expect from you.

Even if it is a brand endorsement or a picture, plan every minute detail. It depicts how dedicated you are towards your work that will prove beneficial in the long run.

Collaborate With The Influencers

Influencer collaboration is the best way to get more Facebook likes, followers, or Instagram views for your content in a short period. As the renowned influencers have a trustworthy, established audience, they can help get your brand in front of a new follower base.

Look for an influencer whose audience resonates with your niche. You can also team up with the like-minded ones and create content collaboratively to attract more social media followers.

Fix A Posting Schedule

As essential it is to create a high-quality content, so is the time to post it! If you want to create a lasting social media appearance, be consistent, and stick to a posting schedule.

While the schedule may vary from one influencer to the other, posting at least once a day keeps your brand fresh in the followers’ feed. It also varies from platform to platform.

Though it’s easy to click a picture, write a story, and post it on Facebook to get more comments, it may not be that easy for YouTube. So, if you are a YouTube content creator, you can post once a week.

The Branding Should Be Unique

Unique branding helps you to get identified easily and amplify your social media presence. Start with creating a logo so that your followers or audience can distinguish you from the others.

Choose a unique color scheme, write in a similar tone, use catchy one-liners for your content, etc. All this helps you establish a unique brand identity and gain more exposure.


Start with one platform, and make sufficient use of the tips mentioned above. Once you get famous on this platform, you can choose another one to establish your identity there.

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